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Apr 8, 2007 06:45 PM

east county

any good places there to eat?

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  1. I am assuming you mean San Diego? What kind of food are you looking for, and can you be more specific about the area you're interested in? The East County covers quite a large swath of ground - from La Mesa all the way out to Alpine.

    That being said, here are a few ideas:
    Antica Trattoria in La Mesa,
    La Trattoria in Santee
    Taka Sushi in La Mesa
    D.Z. Akins - it has its detractors though
    The Beef n' Bun - a burger stand on Fletcher Parkway - good shakes!
    Gaetano's Pizza in Casa de Oro
    Sarita's Taco Shop in Casa de Oro
    Panera Bakery in Grossmont Center for sandwiches and pastries. - Mexico City Cuisine, also in Casa de Oro
    Janet's Cafe - in Rancho San Diego and I think a couple of other locations
    Chef Axel German food in La Mesa
    (those last three I have not tried)

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    1. re: Alice Q

      The Alpine and lakeside areas? I ate at the Bread Basket and it was awful,very dirty.

      1. re: starr Lite

        Sorry, don't have any ideas for you there.

        1. re: starr Lite

          That's exactly what we noticed. They do great marketing though.

        2. re: Alice Q

          Chef Axel was pretty good (certainly better than what was replaced), but he has since become a catering outfit -- no more table service.

        3. There is also a Gaetano's in Lakeside, on Old Hwy. 8. My son tells me there's a little place called Cafe 67 at 67 and Mapleview that serves up a good breakfast. I believe they're only open for breakfast and lunch, however. The Bread Basket used to be alot better before the original owners sold it. They still make decent baked goods, but we usually get them from the bakery to go. My friend lives in Alpine, and likes Donato's for Italian, though I've never tried it. Kind of a culinary wasteland out there.

          1. Shizuoka Japanese in the mall with the Souplantation and Michael's on Fletcher Parkway.
            Oiishi: Japanese, Thai and Sushi on Mast in Santee. Fresh and excellent.
            Greek Style chicken at 67 and Prospect exit.
            Senor Taquito on Bradly just East of 67 next to the 7-11 is an absolute hole in the wall taco shop that makes their corn tortillas fresh and also some great mulitas. Depending on your craving, I could list about 10 different taco shops and their specialties...ceviche, mashed potato tacos...

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            1. re: Cathy

              Cathy, where can I find mashed potato tacos?

              1. re: soulshine

                Mama Testa's has mashed potato tacos.

                1. re: soulshine

                  Many taquerias offer them as rolled tacos. El Cuervo and El Zarape both do. The best mashed potato tacos are at Mama Testa's. Look for them in the Tacos Duros category. They're called Empapado. This is my single favorite thing on their menu.

                  1. re: soulshine

                    Best ones are at Buenos Dias, on Jackson just south of the 8, across from the Honey Baked Ham and Taco Bell...sort of around the corner from that Ralphs at Grossmont. It shares the same parking lot as a Laundromat.

                    Trust me. I *have* tried them all.

                    Oh, and Buenos Dias is open 24/7. You have to only use the drive thru after a certain hour instead of walking up.

                    1. re: Cathy

                      Thanks Cathy!

                      I've had them at Mama Testa's and they *were* very good, but I wanted to know of a decent place in East County to get them.

                      1. re: Cathy

                        Do you know what they're called there? I didn't see any mashed potato tacos on the menu but they did have potato burritos.

                        1. re: DougOLis

                          It says 'potato taquito' $1.50


                  2. Liar's Club in Alpine has excellent food and an amazing beer selection

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                    1. re: JRSD

                      I just stopped in and looked over the Liar's Club this last weekend. What a nice space. 34 taps. Great selection of IPAs. Didn't eat anything, but the food was always very good when they were located in Mission Beach. I can't imagine it has gone downhill.