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Apr 8, 2007 06:18 PM

hardboiled eggs + smoked salmon = sandwich?

I have leftover hardboiled eggs from Easter, as well as some smoked salmon and I'm sure I can make a sandwich somehow but I could use some help tweaking it into something really nice. Should I make egg salad, or just slice the eggs? Add mayo, mustard, any herbs, green onions? Maybe open-faced? Or should I just make deviled eggs with the salmon instead? What would you do?

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  1. You can't miss with whatever you do. I would take your mustard, herbs, green onion, salt, pepper, and touch of olive oil (instead of mayo--you're already starting with egg) and mix with the egg (resulting in an egg salad) and than make sandwiches, being carefull not to use too much egg salad per quantity of salmon. Maybe arugula or a slightly tart lettuce.

    1. This sounds very much like the fixins for a Norwegian smorbrod (open faced sandwich) I enjoyed at a place called Gamle Christiania in Oslo a couple of summers ago. A slice of good dense hearty bread (spread with butter), a leaf of lettuce, a sliced hard boiled egg fanned over, a slice of smoked salmon draped on that, with some fresh dill and thinly sliced red onions sprinkled over. My husband says they drizzled some mayo on top in a squiggle, but I don't remember that! Eat it with a knife and fork!

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        I'm with you 75%!
        Use a horeradish spread (mayo, sour cream, both) in place of the butter and Shazam! Instant happy sammie!

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          I'm going to try an open-faced version with sliced eggs as soon as I can. Thanks.

        2. use a dark rye bread or cracker, and you can't go wrong. Sliced egg, dill, salmon as the primary ingredients.... I hear caviar is great as a topper or a dab of thickened yogurt or creme fraiche.

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            Caviar with either egg or salmon. Not with both.

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              In England I had the most wonderful sandwich in an old tavern. It was a thick slice of whole grain bread, generously spread with creamy, traditional egg salad and topped with a buttery slice of smoked Scottish salmon. It was served open faced and topped with crunchy watercress. I still have fond memories of that first delicious bite.

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                I'd use both salmon and caviar! And mix up some cream cheese and sour cream to a spreading consistency and add chopped green onion, mebbe a little cayenne, a pich of dill...whooee!

            2. The new Barefoot Contessa book has a recipe for a smoked salmon tartine that is made of egg salad with lots of dill and grainy mustard served on thinly sliced multi-grain bread with sliced smoked slamon on top (open face). It is delicious.

              1. I actually made two sandwiches. One egg salad with horseradish. Another with some arugula I found growing in the garden. Since I was trying to make do with what I had around the house, I didn't include caviar! Thanks for all the great ideas. I only wish I had more salmon. (I still have plenty of eggs.)