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Apr 8, 2007 06:13 PM


I'm in the DFW area for the first time, visiting the in-laws. My MiL pointed out that at least 75% of the strip malls around here seem to have a donut shop. Is there any reason for this, aside from their natural tastiness?


ps-is there any place that I must try?

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  1. I just moved back to fort worth and am shocked at how many donut places there are that i never noticed before

    1. Only if one of them is called "Krispy Creme"

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      1. re: jinet12

        I thought all of their B&M locations in TX are all closed now?

        Either way, it's not -that- great.

        1. re: air

          The location at Lovers and Greenville, next door to Central Market is still open. And while KK's room-temp aren't that great, they are pretty good hot. But I'll concede they don't compare to some I've encountered in other cities. . .

            1. re: kindofabigdeal

              brick & mortar (at least that's my guess).

              1. re: vktp

                Yeah, it means brick and mortar, as in a physical brick and mortar store/location/building.

                  1. re: adkim

                    Mostly seen the term tossed around online, but yeah, I've heard it a few times in class too. I'm a finance major.

                    Actually, earlier tonight I got some 50 cent legs at Buffalo Wild Wings in Plano and drove past the location near the intersection of 75 and Spring Creek, and noticed that the Krispy Kreme there is still open.

                    1. re: air

                      I've tried a lot of the local mom and pop stores here. Many are good, some are not that good at all (blech) and some are fantastic!

                      B's Donuts - SE corner of Marsh/Forest Lane in Dallas
                      ? Donuts - Don't know the name. In a strip shopping center with a gas station at Jupiter and 635 (LBY freeway).

                      These are much better, in my opinion, than some of the really sugary ones from KK. Although a nice hot glazed is hard to beat ;).

        2. I like Mustang Donuts on Hillcrest near SMU. Their yeast donuts taste better cold that KK's and they have really good cake donuts. KK's yeast donuts cannot be beat when that Hot Donut sign is flashing, but if it's not, don't bother. And only go for the regular yeast donuts. KK's crullers and cake donuts are awful. I love cake donuts, so I'm not a huge fan of KK except for a fun outing with my daughter if she has a day off from school.

          There is also Ingram's donuts at the northwest corner of Abrams and Fisher (just south of Northwest Highway near Target). They are pretty reliable.

          I've found that most of the strip mall donut shops are reasonably good. My advice would be to try donut shops near the area in which your in-laws live. You may be surprised at the quality of some of the mom & pop places and it's worth a try rather than driving a long way. Donuts don't really travel well.

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            I agree about Mustang Donuts. Very good, I forgot to mention them.

            I think a lot of the Mom and Pops places are very good too.