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Apr 8, 2007 06:09 PM

Shik Do Rak - Northridge

Grand opening sign says 10 Apr - Anyone up for a meet?
How about Thurs 12 April about 6:30P
Devonshire/Reseda SE side next to the car wash

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  1. This is Korean BBQ correct? I might be up for it, I have been watching the progress with great interest.

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    1. re: wizardx

      Yes, Korean BBQ! - And, tho Soot Bull Jeep is the talk of the town, it's a real &^%*# !! trying to get to/from. It is yum but, I think they just marinate their meats in sugar and Korean chili (which tenderizes the meat) so, the flavor is really in the BBQing and not the marinade. I can walk to Shik Do Rak.

      1. I might try it with my sis the next time I'm in Northridge. I didn't even know a new Korean restaurant was opening, so thanks for the info, Kitchen Queen.

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        1. re: katkoupai

          They have one in the Korean part of Westminster. Jesse and I go there all the time. This is where they have the little rice cakes that you wrap around the meat and dip in the sesame sauce. They also have this huge bone in rib that they cook in their kitchen and bring it out.. it is so tender and tastey. I believe they also have one in Los Angeles.

          1. re: karynx78

            Hey, Karen. If this is the place that you told me about, then I'm definitely checking it out. Thanks. :)

        2. Hi, I was there today, yes sign says "Grand Opening April 10th," but the restaurant was still closed. We called and they said that maybe tomorrow. I was really looking forward to try their bbq.
          Better call before you made the trip.

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          1. re: lvgoodfood

            Thanks - I've been keeping a watchful eye!

          2. They are open. I just called. What is good to order? Someone mentioned dumplings??

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            1. re: Lov2Eat

              'cha dol beh ki' (sliced brisket) is good there with some dduk bossam

              1. re: Danimal n Hustler

                Went in there today folks. Place was packed at 5P! Don't expect to get out of there for under 60$ for two. Looked fab and smelled great but, my friends were not interested in spending. We went down the street to Mandarin Deli - Very yummy! So, I have no complaints. I will save Shik Do Rak for another time. :)KQ