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Apr 8, 2007 05:44 PM

Great dinner at Relish in Williamsburg

My honey and I enjoyed a great dinner at Relish on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Saturday evening. For appetizers we ordered the savory french toast stuffed with mozarella and carmelized fennel and the crumbled goat cheese salad with endive and grapefruit segments and then for entrees we enjoyed the hanger steak frites and a special for the evening of red snapper with hashed brussel sprouts.

The only problem that I had with the meal was the incredible inattentive service. While our food came out of the kitchen quickly and was delicious. The waitress was oblivious. We had to flag her down for everything. Refills on water, napkins, everything.

I would recommend Relish for good new American cuisine but beware of the service.

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  1. yeah, i went this weekend after not having been in over a year. the menu has definitely gone upscale and everything my group had was delicious. unfortunately they've stuck with the same space cake hipster service. friendly, but seemingly clueless to the fact that patrons at a restaurant often want to actually order something. hipsters = bad service.

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      saying hipsters=bad service is kind of a crazy generalization and naturally not always true...

    2. Exactly! The food is great but the service is a joke. We usually sit at the bar and it's still like pulling teeth to get some service even when it's not busy.

      1. Went to Relish for lunch today after Radegast was obscenely crowded. Once we got over the dramaschoolesque feel of the waitstaff and their friends, we found the food to be simple and wonderful. Every part of the chicken breast sandwich was perfection. My sirloin burger and fries easily competed with my favorite burger from Les Halles. Has anyone been recently to dinner there?

        1. I stopped going to Relish a few years ago. There was a nasty host at the door and the service was a joke. For so-so food (it appears from the other posters that the food has improved), and lousy service, I could never justify a return visit.