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Apr 8, 2007 05:38 PM


I'm taking my son to Drexel's accepted student day in Philly next weekend. Since he'll probably end up there next year I'd like to introduce him to the neighborhood. I lived there 20 years ago so I'm not completely clueless but I am aware that some things have changed. I'd like to take him to one casual student hangout-type place one night and something a little nicer another. He's not a big fan of asian food but anything else would be ok. BTW his favorite restaurant in Philly is Tangerine.
Also, any breakfast places in the neighborhood? Thanks.

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  1. For the nicer one, I'd suggest Marigold.

      1. For the student hang-out place, try Abner's for a Philly steak (with or without cheese).

        1. Definitely take him to the White Dog Cafe, right off of Penn's campus. I absolutely LOVE that place. It's a big student hang out with an ecclectic menu, good prices and is really great for breakfast. I go to Temple and it's a bit of a hike for me to get there, but I relish every time I can go. Don't pass it up.

          If you get the chance, take a walk on South Street. Although it's starting to get filled with teeny boppers and highschool kids (unfortunately), you can still find some cool places to eat there. Try Bridget Foy's.

          I also second Marigold's. :)

          Hope you guys enjoy your stay!

          1. Don't forget Cereality. Lots of students in their pajama bottoms. It's like Saturday morning breakfast.