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Apr 8, 2007 05:23 PM

What to do with leftover hard-boiled eggs?

So now that Easter's over, we have scores of hard-boiled eggs on hand... and I hate eggs. Anyone have any recipes to use up some of them? My grandmother loves egg salad sandwiches, so that should get rid of about half of them, but that still leaves way too many around.

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  1. 1. Egg Salad
    2. Deviled eggs

    1. Scroll down this page, for the original Russian Vegetable Pie from the 'Vegetarian Epicure', which was my go-to cookbook for years. It's still the best way to use a lot of hard-boiled eggs! If you're too lazy to make the crust, just use a frozen crust ans schmear the cream cheese on the inside. i haven't made it for years, but i used to bring it to every dinner party I went to...

      Also, my favorite sandwich is pumpernickel bread, with mustard, roasted red peppers, sardines packed in water, and sliced hard-boiled eggs. Heaven!
      Plus, what about deviled eggs?

      1. Boston Globe this week had an article about a sweet Portuguese bread... basically yeast bread with hard boiled eggs cooked inside. Maybe you can make these and give away the resulting treats?

        1. The Boston Globe this week also had a recipe for soy sauce-flavored eggs, adapted from Harumi's Japanese Cooking. If you don't like eggs, this probably isn't going to disguise them much, but anyway, here goes...

          1 Tbsp rice vinegar
          2 Tbsp soy sauce
          1 tsp sugar
          6 peeled eggs

          Mix everything up in a ziploc bag and put in the fridge for a few hours (place on a plate or in a bowl to prevent spillage!). It helps to move it around at some point to make sure they get evenly marinated.

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            That was going to be my suggestion.

            Or you can chop them up as a garnish on curries or kedgeree.


            I've always meant to try Jacques Pepin's "Eggs Jeanette" recipe and your post reminded me of that. I think it sounds good, if a little unusual. Anyway, it's another possibility for you.

            Good luck using up those eggs!

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            1. re: xena

              Xena, that recipe looks absolutely awesome. It combines the beauty of the boiled egg with a pan-browning. I will try it soon.

              Jacques Pepin is such a true sharer of the craft. His life of working his way up through the ranks to his emeritus status is a fine example of "give, and you shall receive".

              1. re: FoodFuser

                Well, don't you just love him? Such a good teacher and, in my opinion, unpretentious. I love reading his books and am always delighted when I happen to catch him on tv. He makes everything seem so approachable, even for one like me who probably has more interest in food and eating than culinary skill (so far!). Now I am really excited to try Eggs Jeannette!

                1. re: xena

                  Xena, Just today I logged on to my local library account, and two DVD sets that I had requested for their purchase are on order. (Jacques and Julia Cooking at home; and Complete techniques). So, within a month there will be a Jacques-fest.

                  Yes, he's great. Unassuming, gentle, clear. And that dude can use a kniife!

                  For a Print Book, I highly recommend:
                  "Jacques Pepin's complete techniques: featuring more than 1,000 cooking methods and recipes, all demonstrated in thousands of step-by-step photographs. Black Dog & Leventhal Pub., c2001."

                  His DVDs are numerous:

                  1. re: FoodFuser

                    A Jacques fest!!! Wonderful!
                    Thanks so much for the recs and the link. I do have a few of his books but not the one you mentioned. I checked our library site after reading your post and they don't have it so I think I'll pop in and see if they want to add it to their collection or I'll try to get it through inter-library loan. I did request one of the dvds (can't remember which one now, I think it was Complete Techniques but I'm not sure) while I was on the site. Love the library!
                    Another simple recipe of his I love is fromage fort and it's just about time to gather up all the ends and bits of cheese from the fridge and enjoy that again. So good.
                    thanks again for your post. Hope to hear about your Jacques adventures!