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Apr 8, 2007 05:14 PM

Looking for Pre Fixe with Wine Pairing...

Girls trip to nyc for the first time. We will be in town labor day weekend, and from the posts I have read we really need to make our reservations early.

Here is my concern, I am a true chowhound to the core but am not sure my girl friend will be willing to shell out the $$$ for the best pre fixe and a wine pairing. I have been reading your posts on jean-georges, daniel, etc., but when I have gone to their web sites it states the pre fixe will be offered to the whole table. (I am leaning towards daniel if they will allow us to do this)

Does anyone know of a restaurant of this caliber that will allow only one person at the table to have the pre fixe menu? If there is more then one, which will have the best wine pairing, I really want to blow it out?

PS-Have theatre tickets for Sat. evening, per a recommendation in another posting I have booked a reservation through open table at Barbetta. In the section for special requests I asked for a table in the garden, what are the chances that we will get one through open table? Should I call directly to the restaurant? If I am way off on the restaurant choice please give other suggestions, we are going to Rent at the Nederlander.

Thank you in advance for your great suggestions.

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  1. Fleur de Sel offers a lunch prix fixe with wine pairing. The whole table has to get it but it's the cheapest deal around, even though they just raised their prices. It's $50 for 3 courses including wine, but they might allow one of you to get it without the wine for $29.

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      I've been there when the whole table got the prix fix but only 1 person got it with wine -- no problem

    2. hearth has a fantastic food/wine prix fixe menu - changes almost nightly. if paul (their wine guru) is in that night you're in luck. don't recall whether they allow for one person to get the prix fixe but even if they don't all of ther wines by the glass are available in tasting size (3oz) so you can create your own tasting... they will gladly split dishes if they can to allow for multiple courses.