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Apr 8, 2007 04:24 PM

First time Austin

Hello, Austin.. I am coming to Austin the second week of June for the first time and I want to eat. I am a retired chef and love food and also enjoy a cold one now and then. I want to feel the pulse of Austin through the food, spirits and the soul of the city.I worked the high end of the culinary world too long and look now for the good street food, the small mom and pops, and the places locals would say "Now this is eating" Any suggestions would be great, thanks traumachef

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  1. Type in MPH,Austin,chowhound on google and you can read the wanderings of Austin's "steely-eyed"chowhound.His/her reviews are atypical of our board in the sense that that he/she relishes in highly detailed descriptions and has a tendency to hone in on places others are too careless to notice or too scared[sketchy neighborhoods]to try.I've never been steered wrong and I love digging deep and dining both well and obscurely.

    1. One of my favorite small mom and pop places is Angie's on East 7th Street. Angie actually runs the place and serves up some serious Tex-Mex. In particular, the hot sauce (salsa to non-Texans), hand made corn tortillas, and carnitas are wonderful. Let me reemphasize the beauty of the carnitas...they are worth a trip. They are only open for breakfast and lunch.

      1. Taqueria Arandas #3 for authentic (?) Jalisco style food for super cheap. I like the burritos. A lot.