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Apr 8, 2007 03:37 PM

Dinner Near WTC?

Dad's flying out of Newark on Saturday morning, so we're meeting for dinner on Friday evening.

I'm hoping to find something near the WTC for PATH purposes.

I'm really not familiar at all with this part of Manhattan and hope you Hounds can give me a hand.

Some things about us: he's 57, business type guy who'll want a nice wine list, excellent service and a quiet, quiet, QUIET atmosphere.

We (my boyfriend and I) are late 20's types who would rather avoid seafood and overly trendy places.

I'd rather not break his wallet, now that I'm a little older, a little wiser and a little less interested in getting a free meal out his visit. In other words, entrees in the $20-$30 range would be great.

We don't mind eating early if it means avoiding the Friday night crowds.

I'm thinking steak, Italian, New American or even a nice (pub) bar/restaurant.


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  1. I would suggest Adrienne's on Stone Street, or if you feel like trekking to Front Street at the Seaport, try Il Brigante or Stella Maris.

    1. Les Halles on John St., hands down - one block away from WTC, decent stake and wine list, won't break the bank.

      1. Les Halles is a good suggestion, no doubt. But it's not QUIET. Nor are any of the really good places. For a slightly different experience, and fabulous food, Blaue Gans is only a few blocks north, on Duane St (correct me, Hounds, if I'm wrong). And judging by recent crowds, it really is quiet. Everything else fits your needs perfectly.

        - Sean

        1. Trinity Place, a three-minute walk to the Path on Cedar near Broadway, sounds about right. It has a variety of steaks, fowl, and seafood. It's a nice place, maybe two years old, that was built in an old bank vault. Otherwise: Les Halles, on John St. a two-minute walk from the Path, has good steaks and a menu filled with bistro classics. Not so quiet, though. City Hall, on Duane near Church, is maybe five blocks from the Path. I've never been there but it's where many of the local pols go for a steak. Roy's, which is in the Marriott at West St. and Albany, right around the corner from Ground Zero, is a nice place with an Asian bent. P.J. Clark's in the World Financial Center has an all-American menu. Brouwers, Stone Street Tavern or Ulysses, all on Stone Street - maybe a 5-7 minute walk from the Path - might fit the bill.

          1. I live in the neighborhood and while it's getting better - it's still a wasteland for good food. For this occasion and the criteria above take your Dad to Landmarc on West Broadway. The wine list is top notch and priced at or just above retail - a real deal considering most places charge around 200% markup. The food is great too and satisfies pretty much any craving. Service is professional and attentive, not overbearing and the place isn't loud at all.