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Apr 8, 2007 03:24 PM

I'm Vegetarian; She's Not

I'm looking for a nice (but not necessarily super fancy) place to go with my girlfriend for dinner for my birthday in a few weeks. I'm vegetarian (I eat milk and eggs), but my girlfriend isn't. We'd like to go somewhere that's not completely vegetarian, but still has plenty of interesting vegetarian options. Any suggestions?

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  1. Yes, I am in your boat. A few places that I would suggest as a veg with a non-veg partner
    1. Dino- Rustic Italian and a good nice rest w/o being super nice
    2. Zaytania- Middle Eastern tapas- kind of busy on the weekends so not very romantic
    3. Komi- A bit pricey but very good (I haven't been since they completely converted to all tasting menu) but my meals prior as a vegetarian were excellent
    4. Lebanese Taverna- Middle Eastern tapas and larger plates
    Those are a few to get you started search the board for postings or narrow down what you're looking for and maybe I can help

    1. My gf is Veggie (also eats milk and eggs) and I eat everything. We found the most accomodating of the high end restaurants in town to be Taberna del Alabardero. Dino is also really good/accomodating. Zaytina is also a good option.

      1. Mango grove in Columbia. Its indian veggie, right next to it is mirchi wok, where they serve meat dishes and the veggie dishes from Mango Grove.

        1. If you're in DC, I'd recommend Jaleo or ethiopian (I've been to Zed's a few times and thoroughly enjoyed it, but the general consensus on this board is that there are others that are even better).

          For Baltimore, I just tried Zodiac for the first time last weekend and loved it -- see my report on this board. (Def. try the vegan surf & turf.) There was plenty for omnivores on the menu as well.

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            The Helmand, if your in Baltimore.

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              If you're in Baltimore, the Helmand is where I steer everyone with your request, great Afghan food, veggie or otherwise. The lamb chops and baby pumpkin are both standouts.

          2. Restaurant Nora is a wonderful place for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Organic food, beautiful presentation ... and although it is rather "fancy", you can go in jeans and no one will bat an eye.

            Oyamel, Jaleo, and Zaytineh all have great options for veg and non-veg diners.

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              My husband and I ate at Zora last Thursday. It may have been an off night, but the food and the service ranged from mediocre to awful. My soup was pretty good, but my entree of scallops with mixture of veggies wasn't. The veggies didn't particularly go well together and didn't have much taste. While the scallops themselves tasted good, they were supposed to be seasoned, none of which I tasted. I did taste my husband's beet salad, which was awful. the beets were so overdone we thought they may have been canned. He said that his veal entree was flavorless, and he put salt on it--the first time I can recall him salting his food in a restaurant in the nine years I've known him. The banana bread pudding we had for dessert was too dense and lacking in flavor, except for the too-sugary rum sauce.