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Apr 8, 2007 03:11 PM

A clean, well lit place (with wifi, good coffee, etc. etc.)

If someone can recommend a cafe with decent coffee, atmosphere, fast wifi, ample seating AND open late, i will be eternally grateful. A past habitué of Seattle and Berkeley coffee houses, I have been unable to find a cafe in the DC area that has all of the above attributes. I have tried A LOT of cafes here, but have come up again and again with nothing. Here are few of my trials:

panera bread: horrible brewed coffee, but decent wifi
caribu coffee: decent coffee, but wifi limited to one hour.
murkey coffee: very good coffee, but hard to get a seat in the evenings (dc and arlington)
cafe misha (in alexandria): the best coffee around, but closes at 8:00
stacey's coffee parlor in Falls Church: good coffee, wifi, limited seating.
Wegmans (a grocery store, of all places) very good espresso coffee, free wifi, but lots of kids. And it is far from DC.

Again, I will totally appreciate any suggestions.


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  1. I've only been to Busboys & Poets (U Street area) once, when I was studying for my grad school finals about a year ago. But I remember it being a nice atmosphere with free wifi and good food and coffee. Can't remember how well-lit it was, but I think it's worth a shot.

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      I agree. Busboys & Poets is very nice....good food and atmosphere. Can't vouch for it being well-lit; as I recall, after sundown, it was rather dark, yet lively..

    2. I did a lot of school work at Tryst during the week when I first moved here and was finishing school work.

      I liked being waited on yet left alone. And it was comfortable with lots of other people working.

      1. I use to live at Tryst! Just make sure you get there early enough of the weekends...and even some week days to get a decent seat. And now that there is a smoking ban in DC its even better.

        Busboys and Poets has a great vibe.

        Also I like SoHo coffee on P St in Dupont. You just need to buy $5 worth of food or coffee and then you can use the wifi free. The owner or manager is a great guy with lots of charecter. And their chicken salad wrap is the best I've tasted in a long time. Lots of tables and a few couches.

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        1. Also just so you know...Tryst doesn't have free WiFi on the weekends.

          But Open City in Woodley Park does. I like that as an alternative but its not really a coffee shop...more of a restaurant with free wifi. It can get loud and busy on the weekends but is great on the weekdays and nights. Only problem is the seats can get a little uncomfortable after long periods of time sitting in cushions.

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          1. re: Elyssa

            right on about Tryst's wi-fi on weekends. During the week day, though, it's a great get away - it's calm, good service, comfy sofas and plenty of outlets.

            just dont leave your power cord there. I left mine by mistake, and they didnt have it when I went to check.

            I bet Tryst is way better now that DC is smoke free, too. That used to be what made me leave my seat.

          2. Mayorga Coffee Company. Check their web site for locations, free WiFi.

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            1. re: RobertM

              Mayorga was my thought as well. Their drip coffee is ok, not great, but their espresso drinks are pretty good. I think the King Farm location is nicer (in some respects, not in all) then the SS location.