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Apr 8, 2007 02:18 PM

Best Italian Restaurants in MetroWest & Southern Suburbs?

Looking for good mid-range Italian restaurants not as expensive as Il Capriccio for this weekend.

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  1. Try Vela in Wellesley Hills. Great food, excellent service.

    1. The good ones I can think of are varying degrees above mid-range: Tosca (Hingham), Tomasso (Southborough), Bridgeman's and Saporito's (Hull), Caffe Bella (Randolph), La Campania and Tuscan Grill (Waltham). Haven't tried Riva (Scituate) yet.

      And there's always the Federal Hill neighborhood in Providence, RI.

      1. Cafe Bella in Randolph

          1. re: paulgardner

            Biagio on Moody Street in Waltham. Recently opened and ate there for the first time on Friday night. Food was terrific. Only drawback was the noise level - we were on the first floor and felt ourselves speaking louder than usual to be heard across the table. Already looking forward to going back, though!

            1. re: alt11

              Also went to Biagio this weekend... food was solid, and service was great, but I give two thumbs down for the hostess who made our group of 5 feel unwelcome and "lucky" to have have gotten a table at 6:30 (was empty at the time, but filled up 3/4's full by the time we left.)

          2. I hear that Sweet Basil in Needham is outstanding.

            Might also be worth trying Tullio's in North Quincy. They have excellent Northern and Southern Italian dishes, and the prices are pretty good.