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Apr 8, 2007 02:16 PM

Goodbye Roy's Square

In the Saturday Star, there is a report on a new 80-story condo to be built on the south east corner of Yonge and Bloor, demolition starting "later this year". So all the fast food places on that block will be gone. Some will be missed, including Biriyani House, Roy's Garden, the roti/jerk place, others like Harvey's, Popeye's, well buh byee!

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  1. I was told back in late 2005 that Roy Square was closing due to a condo being put up, but a year later, we were still ordering from Roy Garden. When I asked when they would be closing the square down, the lady said that the plans had fallen through. I guess another developer has scooped the place up now. What a shame!

      1. I dropped by Ritz (the roti/jerk place), and asked about this. They said they'll be moving across the street.

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        1. Wow, 80 storeys! How tall are the CIBC and Bay towers on the north side of Bloor?
          I've had some good chow in that square over the years :)

          1. Wow, Roy's Square is a real foodie goner now. Almost all the establishments are shut. Buh bye :\

            Plus, I walked around last night and a crew were taking down the HARVEY'S letters. A sign in the window says to go to Harvey's at Gerrard and Jarvis. They have a very limited menu there.