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Apr 8, 2007 02:16 PM

Bakesale Betty at Temescal Farmer's Market

I just came back from the farmer's market at Temescal this morning, where I got a lemon raisin scone from Bakesale Betty besides other things. I finally got to see the famous "Betty" (with her blue wig) today. She was pretty friendly and knew the names of a lot of her customers. And she was WAYYY younger than I expected her to be.

Anyway, I was a bit disappointed with my scone ... it was very soft and crumbly, and there were a lot more raisins than I wanted (though I shouldn't complain; besides, the raisins were plump and moist.) Oh well, everything's good with some Blue Bottle coffee. Not bad for a Sunday brunch.

I guess I just like scones that a bit firmer (more bread-like than cake-like.) The pear ginger scones I had last time were wonderful, and the ginger cookies were fantastic too! I still wanna go back to try their other cookies (the oatmeal raisin ones seemed good), lemon bars, sticky date pudding ... any other recommendations?

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  1. The almond apricot scones, which are tangy, and the rhubarb pie.

    1. The lemon bars are mindblowing. Best I've ever had and best I think I will ever have.

      The sticky date pudding (for about 4-6) -- for dessert and with coffee the next morning.
      it comes in a tin with a separate container of caramel suace. You heat the pudding (really,
      kind of a moist cake) in the oven, and then drizzle the caramel sauce over it. Pretty darn

      1. The fruit pies in the summertime are amazing. I got a blueberry pie last summer, and

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          I second the sticky date pudding, yummy! I also love her brownies!