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Apr 8, 2007 01:57 PM

Pleasant brunch at Michel Richard and then Le Pain Quotidien

I was cringing at the thought of Easter Brunch in L.A. today and driving across 3rd St. confirmed my fears: huge annoying crowds packed in at Doughboys and Toast and every other breakfast joint, most all of them I would consider mediocre and overrated.

We decided to try Michel Richard's patisserie. I'm not sure how the food is there but I thought the pastries and coffee were top notch. And it was quiet. Very nice to sit out front and relax. We had what they called an Apricot Roll, which was more like a danish, and an apple turnover. Both very light and flaky, buttery as hell, great taste. Coffee was perfect. 9 bucks or so. We'll be back for sure.

Then we walked over to Le Pain Quotidien for some soft boiled eggs we had seen someone eating on our way in. Eggs were cooked perfectly, bread was very good (I thought) served with organic butter. I was very impressed with the grey sea salt and pepper they serve, a nice touch. We also got an apple cider that was quality, tasted very fresh. I think it came out to 12 bucks or so. I understand there's a bit of dissent about LPQ on the CH boards, but for a simple breakfast like what we had I thought it was perfect. I'll try a sandwich and pastry later; I will say the cream filled French donut looked interesting...

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  1. It's good to read a positive post about Michele Richard's, the first French bakery I ever went to in L.A. long before M. Richard sold it and moved on to Citrus etc. I stop by and have lunch, I like the charcuterie, and pastries (croissants and desserts like fresh fruit tarts and chocolate mousse) but don't go often enough! I'm always surprised when it is still good. M. Richard is a master (trained by Gaston Lenotre) and after he sold the place I am always expecting that it will go downhill but glad that it has not!