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Apr 8, 2007 01:45 PM

Seafood/veggie friendly in Mendocino, Ft. Bragg, Eureka, etc.?

We're going to be tooling around the North Coast for a few days (between Albion and Eureka), and we're looking for some restaurant recs -- in particular, we are looking for places that are known for fish, and also places that are veggie-friendly. Have already checked out Zagat... Any recommendations would be appreciated - we are looking for both upscale restaurants as well as quick stops for lunch. Thanks!

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  1. I recently had a meal at the Eureka marina cafe. It's an old school American dinner house type place (salad had canned beets, bottled dressing). The fish was extremely fresh and perfectly cooked; quite the variety too. I'm not sure of the name, quite frankly, but it has Marina in the name and it's on the way to the Samoa Cookhouse....go over the bridge and take the first right.

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      How did you feel about Samoa Cookhouse?

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        Samoa Cookhouse is a fun experience, especially if you're with a group of people, but the food is nothing to get excited about (its not bad, just ok). The coffee sucks, though.
        I don't recommend Cafe Marina either.
        Try Cin Cin (3rd St @ E st in old town Eureka) for very good (but not typical) Italian food. Excellent wine list, and very well prepared food in a very nice atmosphere.
        Check out "the Victorian Village of Ferndale", and have dinner at Curley's. Great portobello mushroom and polenta dinner, and good seafood specials.
        Also an excellent wine list.
        Try some of Humboldt's wines. Briceland, Riverbend and Moonstone Crossing are my favorites.

    2. I just returned from a week in Fort Bragg. As far as that city goes I can highly recommend Mendo Bistro (will always have at least one fish dish on the menu.) If you like pizza, then go to Piachi.

      1. In Mendocino, Cafe Beaujolais should be able to accommodate you, as should Bay View Cafe (enter staircase from beneath the water tower); in Fort Bragg, The Rendezvous Inn always has a vegan alternative, Mendo Bistro has alternatives and I believe The Restaurant would as well. Eggheads is fabulous for breakfast/brunch, but plan on a "wait." Hurricane Kate's in Eureka should be able to set you up as well.

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          FWIW, The Restaurant is only open for dinner and Eggheads is open for breakfast and lunch until 2:00 p.m. Can recommend Eggheads as well as we ate there last week. Fairly big portions but restaurant is small, so as NoCAFoodie says, be prepared for a wait.

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            Thanks for all the helpful responses. Anyone know anything about Taqueria Ricarda in Ft. Bragg? Do they have any non-mean options (e.g., veggie burrito, fish taco)? Where are they? tx

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              Also, Piaci Pizza in Fort Bragg?

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                Yes, west side of Highway 1 (which is Main Street) at Redwood or Laurel. Actually if you are looking at Mendo Bistro it is to the left - across that street - either Redwood or Laurel. Piachi also has excellent beer.

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                  We ended up having lunch at Taqueria Ricarda- a little disappointing compared to other Mexican food we've had in Cali.

                  We really liked Piaci Pizza though- I forget exactly which pizza we had (it was two months ago already), but it had gorgonzola and was quite tasty. The beer selection was incredible - Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye and Old Rasputin may not have gone so well with the pizza, but when I find those beers on tap, I have to drink them (we're from the east coast). Anyway, thanks for the rec!