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Easter dim sum at Hong Kong Seafood S&T on Noriega in Sunset - report

Dave MP Apr 8, 2007 01:37 PM

Just got back from dim sum at Hong Kong Seafood S&T. Thanks Nancy and Melanie for the recommendation! We all really liked the dim sum and the restaurant in general. There were 6 of us, and we had a lot of food. Here's what I can remember:

Shumai and har gao were good but nothing amazing in my opinion. The shumai had a slight BBQ taste which I don't love in shumai. I liked the rice noodle rolls, we had both beef and shrimp. One friend said she didn't care for their sweet soy sauce, but I thought it tasted about normal.

I am not usually a big fan of char siu bao, but today's were actually very good. The filling seemed fresh, neither too sweet nor too salty, and the buns were soft . Good proportion of filling to bun. We also had lotus seed buns which were good.

Taro puffs with pork were a popular choice at the table, the pork filling was mild, these were well fried with lots of soft taro dough. The braised tofu skin was very good, also had a bit of the BBQ flavor which I didn't mind as much here.

We had sesame balls w/ bean paste, shanghai dumpling (good, not great), a shrimp/vegetable fried thing, egg rolls (which tasted fishy, but in a good way), some shrimp and veggie translucent dumplings, a fresh rice noodle dish that was somewhat spicy but otherwise boring. I think there might have been some other things, but I forget.

The biggest highlight came near the end of the meal, when one of the servers came with a tray of what looked like mochi. These "sesame dumplings" turned out to be slightly warm rice flour dough filled w/ black sesame paste. The outside was a bit harder than mochi, but still very soft. It was coated in a sweet (maybe peanut?) powder. These were awesome.

Three of us finished the meal with dofu fa, which was nice and not too sweet. This was the only thing we had to specifically order, though we were never given a menu, we just asked if they had it and they said yes. Overall, great dim sum.

The total bill was 78 dollars before tip; this was LOTS of food for 6 people. So pricewise, pretty good. Most of us had eaten at Gold Mountain in Chinatown together back in the fall, and we all agreed that in terms of food quality alone, the two places were pretty comparable. I might give a slight edge to S&T, but not by much. I really like both places. In terms of atmosphere, S&T was smaller, less crowded (wait was only about 15 minutes at 11 AM), and since food came out in small batches, most dishes arrived at the table still very hot. It was nice to be able to trek out to Noriega and 33rd St, which I don't usually get to do. Parking was not a problem. Thanks again for the recommendation,

Dave MP

Hong Kong Seafood S&T is located at Noriega and 33rd, in the Sunset, San Francisco

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    badbatzmaru Apr 8, 2007 05:47 PM

    "The biggest highlight came near the end of the meal, when one of the servers came with a tray of what looked like mochi. These "sesame dumplings" turned out to be slightly warm rice flour dough filled w/ black sesame paste. The outside was a bit harder than mochi, but still very soft. It was coated in a sweet (maybe peanut?) powder. These were awesome."

    Yummy. You will find these types of sweets at most HK dessert places. They even sell these frozen at Ranch 99 and other markets. Other varieties include peanut or coconut filling.

    I had some yesterday at a dessert shop on 7th avenue btween clement and geary and it did not have the seasame filling, it was awful! But the steamed egg custard was good.

    1. Melanie Wong Apr 8, 2007 06:47 PM

      You can do even better price and quality-wise by ordering from the Chinese-only section of the check-off menu. There's a translation in an old post here.

      P.S. I love how you're exploring your new city!

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      1. re: Melanie Wong
        Dave MP Apr 8, 2007 09:51 PM

        Thanks Melanie :) It's a great city to explore.

      2. n
        Nancy Berry Apr 8, 2007 07:43 PM

        Here's a link to the old post with the translation of the $1.79 menu that Melanie mentioned. I've used this translation quite a bit and really like many of the items on the list.



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        1. re: Nancy Berry
          Dave MP Apr 8, 2007 09:52 PM

          This is great, though I wish we had had this today. Oh well. Now I'm really excited to go back. Thanks again

          Dave MP

        2. b
          bluecheesewiz Apr 11, 2007 08:06 PM

          They have the best chicken feet in the Bay Area. You should make sure you order the chicken feet the next time you go.

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          1. re: bluecheesewiz
            Dave MP Apr 11, 2007 10:16 PM

            I remember reading that in Nancy Berry's earlier post....I would have been willing to order chicken wings, but none of my DCs seemed to interested. Next time I'll just get them anyway, cause I like them.

            Dave MP

            1. re: Dave MP
              Nancy Berry Apr 12, 2007 06:12 PM

              Not chicken wings, Dave, chicken FEET. The braised chicken feet (they might call them chicken claws) are really delicious at Hong Kong Seafood S & T.

              1. re: Nancy Berry
                Dave MP Apr 12, 2007 09:39 PM

                Haha, oops. I was *thinking* feet, but I guess I typed wings by mistake. They did indeed call them braised chicken feet. They looked good...I'll get them next time.

                Dave MP

          2. d
            david kaplan Apr 15, 2007 01:52 PM

            Just back from disappointing dim sum at S&T. We didn't have much time so only ordered a few things.

            One problem was the heaviness of pastry. We tried the BBQ pork puff pastry and the egg custard tart, both of which were overwhelmed by heavy, almost gluey, pastry. Even if the texture had been right, the proportions were slanted too much toward pastry.

            Pan-fried shrimp-and-leek dumplings were good, though not hot. In fact, nothing was as hot as it should have been. Both dishes were received from trays and dishes were ordered came lukewarm at best.

            XO rice noodles were another disappointment. Too little XO flavor, no char on the noodles, and the side-sauce was way too sweet.

            After signing the check, we still had two egg custards and one BBQ pastry on the table, and we declined an offer to have them boxed to take home. The staff-person asked nicely if something was wrong. We mentioned that the egg custard tarts were heavy and came cold. The staff-person explained that S&T is getting "new management," which she then explained meant that they're getting a new dim sum kitchen crew starting tomorrow and the current crew wasn't doing very well knowing that today was their last day.

            Perhaps we'll console ourselves tonight at home with frozen lamb dumplings from Kingdom of Dumplings (a few blocks down Noriega).

            Curious to hear from someone who visits S&T soon and can compare the new crew with the outgoing one.

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            1. re: david kaplan
              RWCFoodie Apr 15, 2007 04:13 PM

              Whoa David, that's big, possibly scary news about S&T - we've always had really great dim sum there and I'm concerned about "new management" and "a new dim sum kitchen crew".... I too will look forward to hearing about how these changes impact this place (one of my favorites).

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