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Apr 8, 2007 01:17 PM

Anything edible in Susanville? (Lassen county)

I'm going out on a limb here, but the weath of Hound knowledg astounds me so maybe it's not so far fetched. Any recommendations for lunch in Susanville? Anyone actually been there? :) Thanks in advance...

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  1. Been there about 30 years ago and remember very little other than frost inside the window and walking along a dam for Lake Almanor.

    1. I've eaten at a couple of Mexican restaurants there and found them to be ok. This follows my "Rural California Rule": If you are in an unfamiliar town in rural California, especially one that is well-removed from the beaten track....your best bet for food is usually Mexican. This rule has served me well.

      We had an OK breakfast not too long ago at the coffee shop next to Mcdonald's on the right hand side of the road as you head into town from Reno. Can't remember the name, and it might have been a chain (but it wasn't Denny's.....)

      DH says that they make good sandwhiches at the Deli in the Chevron Station in Janesville, about 10 miles South of Susanville on Highway 395.....

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        I've also had decent Mexican food in Susanville, but can't remember the name of the place either (I also follow the 'Rural California Rule', probably because I use to live in Delano and it served me *really* well there, and it brings back fond memories of good Mexican places in the Central Valley thirty years ago...)

        Here's a place I found on another site with one positive review. This could have been where I ate; I do remember that it was on Main Street. If you try it, please report back!

        Josefina's Mexican Food
        1960 Main St
        Susanville, CA 96130

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          (Oh and I bet the coffee shop was a "Black Bear diner" - popular up here way up North) I'm going with two people from work that I've never met before, so maybe they will have some insight...

          1. re: ThisNThat

            Actually, it was definitely NOT a Black Bear diner...OK...I just self-edited this reply because I realized it probably wasn't appropriate for Chowhound. But since I won't eat at Black Bear for reasons I shall keep to myself, I know it wasn't that.

            1. re: janetofreno

              OK - I'll put it on my list of places to watch for. I watch for Black Bear Diners as places to avoid at all costs - too many dusty bear trinkets and greasy, bad food. Honestly, I think Denny's is "better" than BBD

          2. re: janetofreno

            Was it Hearts Diner? I was in Susanville with a field soil science class last summer and we had Breakfast at Hearts. It wasn't a spectacular breakfast, but it stands out in my memory because it was the first meal that I ate in two weeks that wasn't cooked on a camp stove by college students. I had french toast and a big helping of cut up fresh fruit that I enjoyed thoroughly. Our waitress was really nice to us despite the fact that we were a bunch of dirty bedraggled looking folks by that point in the trip.

            1. re: peashoot

              It could have been Hearts, yes. Somehow in my mind I had that it started with an H.....

              And the service was great....

          3. Young Sing on Main Street is a must skip, unless you're desperate for fried rice.

            1. I have lived here in Susanville for 10 years. All of our restaurants are on Main Street. Avoid Harts Cafe at all costs. They hire a lot of former inmates with questionable hygiene and obviously shy on morals. It used to be a Denny's. Josephina's is no longer in business. It's now Happy Gardens and it's clean and very good Chinese food. Chinese Kitchen is awful...greasy and not very clean. Young Sings Chinese is very dirty, I would avoid it. Our Black Bear Diner is very clean. The owner is HORRIBLE, though, and much hated by her employees. If you can avoid her as a waitress, you should be okay. The restaurant across the street from MacDonalds has changed hands many time. It's now a pricey French restaurant called Sage Hen. None of the locals eat there. They serve things like escargot. Doesn't do well here. The Round Table Pizza is filthy! Don't eat there! The St. Francis Cafe at the top of town is good food, but again pricey and in a very, very old historic building, but without the charm of an old historic building. The service isn't great. But I can recommend Mazatlan Grill, across the street from Grocery Outlet on Main Street. It's the only good Mexican restaurant in town. The locals all go there. It's the only place in Susanville I could recommend. But if you happen to be going through Janesville, The White House Thai restaurant on Main Street is AMAZING! Wonderful food, great service...interesting decor. Clean, clean, clean! They also serve Italian and American. The owner is a wonderful man, and his wife is the cook. Everything is homemade, and the soups are to die for! Hope this helps.

              Chinese Kitchen
              2455 Main St, Susanville, CA 96130

              Young Sing Restaurant
              1350 Main St, Susanville, CA 96130

              Mazatlan Grill
              1535 Main St, Susanville, CA 96130

              White House Restaurant
              463795 Main, Janesville, CA 96114

              Sage Hen
              2945 Riverside Dr, Susanville, CA 96130

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              1. re: WordsOfWisdom

                I live in Susanville as well and I agree about Harts, the Black Bear, and the Chinese restaurants in town. However lots of us eat at the Sage Hen and Watsons Cafe is another decent place to eat. The sage hen does offer a soup salad bar during the week with homemade soups for 8bucks. They also do buffets on the weekend that tastes great. You do pay more but its quality. The white House in Janesville is very good especially if you like Thai food. American and Itailian are just ok nothing to brag about. If you want pizza both Pizza Factory in Susanville and Janesville are clean and friendly.

                Sage Hen
                2945 Riverside Dr, Susanville, CA 96130

                1. re: likeitornot

                  I also live near Susanville and it's obvious that we all have different likes in restaurants. Sage Hen, Rose's (Italian, on Main St), St. Francis are all expensive for every day eating. Black Bear's service is horrible all the way around! Hart's Cafe is good, not great, but the service is excellent and the staff is friendly. If you like good mexican food but poor service and a very loud and noisy atmosphere, go to Mazatlan Grill. There is a hidden treasure right on Main Street and that is Lassen Steakhouse. It is located within El Tepyec Mexican restaurant at the South corner of Ash/Hwy 139 and main Street, and their steaks are delicious! Good service, family run, expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for! Both Pizza Factories are wonderful but they too are expensive ($16 for a small pizza). Pizza Factory does have some nice lunch specials for under $10 though. Also, don't forget Primo Deli which is uptown on the South side of Main Street.

                  Primo Deli
                  614 Main St, Susanville, CA 96130

                  Mazatlan Grill
                  1535 Main St, Susanville, CA 96130

                  Sage Hen
                  2945 Riverside Dr, Susanville, CA 96130

                  1. re: Kalydascope

                    Here on business. Tried El Tepeyac's carnitas. The worst I've even had. The pork tasted boiled. Beans were good and the tortillas were hand made. Friendly service.

                    Also tried Happy Garden. I believe it's the same owners of Young Sing. Greasy. Americanized Chinese food. Good to have non- fast food options, thought.

                    El Tepeyac Restaurant
                    385 E Mill St Ste 4, San Bernardino, CA 92408

                    Young Sing Restaurant
                    1350 Main St, Susanville, CA 96130

              2. Staying at the Super 8 motel in Susanville (read my separate review of that gem on Yelp) and it was too hot to leave the dogs in the car while going out to eat.

                So the solution was to get a pizza delivered to the motel and watch TV while munching.

                Important FYI: I'm critical of most pizza. I won't bother with Dominoes, Papa Johns, Round Table, or the rest of the chains. So despite a recommendation here for the Pizza Factory (gawd, what a dopey name, I thought, a factory... is it going to be like the Spaghetti Factory?), I wasn't optimistic.

                It turns out the pizza was terrific. I'd even say extraordinarily good. Unlike the chains catering to middle-America's sweet tooth, the crust tasted like a good, La Brea bread and the sauce was like one we'd make at home. There were large chunks of sausage, and enough of it, too.

                Two downsides, but not enough to stop the show: Delivery took 45 minutes (and their estimate on delivery time was right on the mark). The pizza was expensive. A 12-inch pizza with one topping, along with a $3.50 delivery and $2 tip ran about $22, obscenely expensive for that size pizza, as good as it was.

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                1. re: stevebass

                  Brace yourself, Pizza Factory is actually a franchise chain. Started in NoCal, I think, but not even so small anymore. I am no big pizza fan, but yes, I've found that their pizza is well above average and uses relatively high quality ingredients. In small CA towns without a lot of options, it is one I'd definitely consider (though as I mentioned earlier in this thread, I'd be more likely to try a local Mexican place first, given my lack of love for pizza....)


                  1. re: susancinsf

                    I was startled to see just how MANY Pizza Factory we spotted while driving south on 395 from Susanville to home in Pasadena. My hope is that while they're a chain, the other locations are just as good. (Also startled to hear from someone who doesn't like pizza!)