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Apr 8, 2007 01:12 PM

Seattle airport

Staying near the Seattle airport the night before we fly home. Any place near the airport that is worth eating at. Not expecting a gourmet experience but would like to have a good meal, preferably not at a national chain. Also must be open on a Monday night.

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  1. Burien has become quite the suburban restaurant district recently--you'll do a lot better there than if you stay closer to the airport. If you have a car, go just north of the airport on International Boulevard and follow the signs onto Hwy 518 west, then go a couple of exits to where it ends; if not, it's a reasonable cab ride. Here are my favorites in that neighborhood that are open Mondays:

    La Costa, 206 SW 152nd Street--really good Mexican joint (which is a rarity in these parts!)
    Elliott Bay Brewhouse & Pub, 255 SW 152nd St.--newer place but already popular, serving good pub grub and microbrews
    Tin Room Bar, 923 SW 152nd St.--local hangout serving good, basic American standards--steaks, seafood, and the like
    Teak House, 17651 First Avenue S., just south or Burien in Normandy Park--great Thai food

    1. Flamers, on International Boulevard, adjacent to the airport serves good roast beef sandwiches and has a good selection of craft beers.

      1. 13 Coins - 18000 International Blvd

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          I second 13 Coins. Delicious, enormous dishes that border on haute cuisine, but don't quite nail it -- in a good way. Soft, dimmed lighting. Large leather chairs and booths. Wood paneling. Live piano in the bar.

        2. Bai Tong is a Thai restaurant near the airport with a reputation for being popular among Thai Airways employees. And it's true that 20 years ago, when someone told me about the place but couldn't remember the name, I called Thai Airways and the person who answered knew it immediately! Frankly in recent visits I've though it was good but nothing special. Nonetheless it is a fine choice if you're in the mood for Thai food.

          Note they recently moved, so taxi drivers may need the directions on their website,

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            I am sorry to hear that Bai Tong has moved --- its old location right next to the airport was quite convenient for travellers. I assume that another restaurant will occupy the old location? Anyone know who? (Bai Tong's new location is near the Toys R Us store on SouthCenter Parkway.)