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Apr 8, 2007 12:41 PM

Kentucky:Perry,Bell,Harlan,Cumberland,Letcher County

I'm about to be driving all over the above counties and am looking forward to eating well and obscurely.I know there are diners,meat and 3's and roadside joints thereabouts but I need your help.Last year I found Flo-Coe,a 80 year old diner in Pineville and it was really good.Obviously I'll be hitting Burger Boy in nearby London for topnotch Fried Chicken and Salty Ham but.....any Kentucky Chowhounds out there?

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  1. Just got off the phone with a cousin who lives up Number 1 Holler near Trosper,he reports back that Howard's on 25E offers a very respectable Cheeseburger[served on a blue plate!]with good crispy crinkle cut fries.Has any Eastern Kentucky hound chowed down at this joint that's been there for a good 40 or 50 years.

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      In Letcher County (where I live) I'd recommend the Courthouse Cafe in downtown Whitesburg for a nice lunch in a lovely downtown space (tin ceilings, quilts on the walls). They have good soups and sandwiches, daily blueplates, and great deserts. Especially try the Tanglewood Pie. Also check out Joe Pack's Chicken Shack just off Hwy 15 in Isom headed toward Blackey on Rte 7.

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        I knew their was hound living up in the hills.Thanks for the tips...I look forward to trying your suggestions.

    2. Burger Boy has changed their chicken purveyor!Noooooooo.I eat there once a year and really look forward to a plate of top notch fried chicken in a great,rural [smokey room,country girl waitresses,great jukebox,lots of tractor caps] atmosphere.I knew from the first bite something was off.Their formerly wonderous chicken was off at least two notes.Same short order cook who's been there for a couple hundred years so that was not the issue.I'll be back in a year,give em another shot and report back.

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        I know this is probably too late to help you on your trip, but I just found this thread. Anyway, here are some suggestions for future reference. Harlan is pretty deprived from a culinary standpoint, but there are a few downtown spots for lunch that are pretty good. My current favorite is Jac's, a very tiny little place that only serves lunch and also does some catering. They do mostly sandwiches and salads and feature a daily special. If you're ever down here on a Tuesday, their chicken salad is excellent. They also have great homemade desserts. Jac's is on Eversole St. The best cheeseburger and the best friend chicken are, oddly enough, at the BP station on Central St. You can get carryout or eat in their dining area For about $5, you can get a large breast and two sides. Two other choices are Jay's Sandwich Shop, on Central St. (in the summer, they grill right out on the street) and Town Site, on Main St.

        Dinner choices are pretty much limited to fast food chains, although we do have a Mexican restaurant that we are very proud of. I have eaten in a lot of Mexican restaurants and this one is quite good. It's also nice to sit on their patio, under the ceiling fans, and enjoy the view of the mountains.

        The Dairy Hut, on 421 near the hospital, is a good choice for a hot dog or a great burger. They make the best chocolate shakes in town, not to mention hot fudge cake.

        In Cumberland, the best place is definitely the Hoagie Shop. They serve more than just sandwiches and everything I've tried there is good. They generally have a meat and three special, along with a fairly large menu.