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Apr 8, 2007 12:33 PM

Affordable kosher wedding halls new york

I am looking for an affordable ($65/person or less) kosher wedding hall/venue in the new york city area. Any suggestions?

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  1. Eden Palace
    Ateres Avraham
    Rose Castle
    Ateres Chayil
    Ateres Chinka
    Concord plaza

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    1. re: MartyB

      well...... martyB is right about 2 places
      Ateres Avraham is around $37.00 a couple (but its a really run down place)
      the Concord plaza is around $65.oo a couple and they just redid it and it looks really nice. that;s ur best bet.

      Eden Palace charges $85.00 a couple
      Rose Castle around the same amount since its the same owner
      Aters chayil is around $75.00-$80.00 a couple
      Ateres chinka around $69.00 a couple. now Ateres Chinka is really nice, but they have a 450 ppl minium, so it will come out pretty expensive.

      u gould try the Orion palace which is around $64.oo a couple, i like it and it has a sepperate chuppah room.

      good luck

      1. re: Factory Girl

        Check out Ateres Shlomo on New Utrect Avenue.

        1. re: Factory Girl

          Factory girl, you must be mistaking Ateres Avrohom with some other place. I don't know anything about prices, but Ateres Avrohom (Ross St. in Williamsburg) is NOT run down at all. I was just there last week. The place is beautiful, the bathrooms are clean (and get looked after all night) and the food is consistently great!

          1. re: hanistor

            Ateres Shlomo on New Utrect Avenue is is around $37.00 a couple. THIS IS THE BEST PRICE ANYWHERE. The place runs like clockwork. The food is good and always fresh. (All leftovers are given to charity.) If you want fancy ......$$$$.

          2. re: Factory Girl

            Eden Palace - Roth
            Concord plaza - Roth
            Rose Castle - Rosenberg

            1. re: Factory Girl

              orion palace has no such prices.. especially per couple (more like 3times as much)i had a wedding a year ago and not a single place mentioned price per couple

            1. re: jeterfan

              A friend of mine just had a wedding for his daughter. The wedding was at a place in Brooklyn called "Orion Palace" nice place, food was catered by Meisner's. He had 440 people (220 couples) which was a bit of a squeeze. I think that they require a 160 couple minimum. My friend told me that he paid $65 a COUPLE. Something to keep in mind folks, one does not have to pay $200+ a COUPLE to get married with kosher food. In my friend's case it was $14,000 vs $44,000.

              1. re: MartyB

                Your information is absolutely incorrect. I've been to several wedding at orion palace and had mine there a year ago and their prices are nowhere close to what you've mentioned. Their prices for kosher Viennese START at $220 A PERSON (including flowers and other favors). You must've been misinformed.

                1. re: tlc4me

                  Or perhaps the prices were different in 2007. Has the hall been renovated since then? Has the type of food served changed?

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