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Apr 8, 2007 11:14 AM

Have any Food Suggestions for a First time European Traveller?

I'm taking a Contiki Holiday tour of Europe and I'd like to know if anyone has any affordable lunch or dinner recommendations for the following cities?

1. London (I'm staying near Russel Square) - I'd ldeally like to know if anyone can recommend a good fish and chips place (seems like the postings are all very old) and a good indian curry place.

2. Amsterdam - No clue what "amsterdam" cuisine is like... but if anyone has any suggestions, I'm open.

3. St. Goar Germany - Any suggestions?

4. Munich Germany - Any Suggestions?

5. Austrian Tyrol, Austria (I'm staying at the Gasthof Itterenwirt) - Any suggestions?

6. Venice, Italy - I have a few ideas where to go already from Rick Steve's tv show... but I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Quarto D'altino and was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions for good restaurants?

7 Rome, Italy I'm staying at the Hotel Villa St. Dominique. - I'm sure you can find a million good restaurants in this city and I've found tons but it's hard to narrow down the field... any suggestions Chowhounders?

8. Florence, Italy I'm staying a tthe Hotel Firenze - Once again, I'm sure it's hard not to find good eats, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions?

9. Lucerne, Switzerland I'm staying at the Hotel Lowengraben... - any suggestions?

10. Paris, France -I'm staying at the Hotel Ibis Porte De Clichy. - It's a big city with a lot of good places to eat (I'm sure) but I was wondering if you had any suggestions in the vacinity of where I'll be staying?

Thank you in advance Chowhounders.

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  1. Consider posting queries for France and Italy on the relevant boards.

    I've stayed at that Ibis - it is just outside the périphérique - more a practical and clean place than a charming one, but it is close to anything in the north of the 18th arrondissement. There are several good local restaurants in that area, just a few blocks further into the city (southerly), but nothing specific springs to mind.

    You will find a lot of info on this board if you search it, for the different cities and countries you are looking for. For Florence and Rome, I'd have to know what neighbourhoods those hotels are in.

    Dutch cuisine is rather solid and stolid (good baked-goods though: cookie is an anglicised derivation of a Dutch word. But Amsterdam is very cosmopolitan, and Dutch-Indonesian food is especially good.

    The slow travel site will also have good ideas for restaurants in Florence and Rome (lots of Italy recommendations), although your tour is definitely not slow travel!

    Hope your tour gives you a taste for Europe. Keep in mind the places you loved the most, and plan to return to one or two for a slower trip!

    1. Not meals per se, but here are four snack suggestions that I can offer.
      1) In Amsterdam- Definitely get a cone of frites with frite sauce and not catsup. As a late night snack I really enjoyed the chocolate covered waffles. Some of our best (and cheapest) lunches came from a loaf of bread and a variety of cheeses.
      2) Munich- Best lunches consisted of a liter (or 1.5 liter) of beer and a variety of sausages and pretzels.
      3) Rome/Florence- Don't forget to eat your gelato (nice way to cool off). Not quite as good as what I found in Prague, but stil very tasty.
      4) Paris- My fondest memories of Paris (I was in elementary school) consist of walking around breaking off pieces of a fresh baguette to eat, eating roasted chestnuts on the street, and snacking on sugared/buttered crepes.

      1. Wow, if it's Tuesday it must be Belgium :) Be sure to take comfortable shoes and one nice outfit. The Europeans dress neatly, especially to dine out, and they do not as a rule wear fanny packs or take pictures of each other in restaurants.

        1. London: Veeraswamy just off Regent Street, upstairs. It's a tad upscale but the food is delicious. Have a mint infusion at the end of the meal.
        2. Amsterdam: have a brootje (translates as "little bread") which is a small sandwich. Shops are everywhere. My favorite is fresh mozz and pesto but there is every combo you can imagine. The Dutch are extremely friendly and happy to answer cuisine questions, so ask away. Just be careful around the train station.
        3. Next to St. Goar is the town of Bacharach. It's less touristy than the other Rhine towns and an easy stroll with some nice little wine bars.
        4. Munich: go to the Viktualienmarkt and graze. Wonderful food and fruit stands, you can have fresh juice squeezed on the spot. Skip the Hofbrauhaus, it's truly creepy.
        10. Paris: your hotel is in the 17th, which is one of the outlying quarters from the center of Paris. I'm sure there will be some local cafes but my advice would be to hop on the Metro and take it to the 6th or 7th where you can find a great place to eat everywhere you look. Try the areas around the Odeon metro and the St. Germain stop. Visit the Rue Cler in the 7th. Or if you don't want to go too far, have someone direct you to the Rue Poncelet market in the 16th.

        1. Amsterdam: If you have the time on your trip to Amsterdam, try a rice table, which is from Indonesia, a former Dutch colony. You get a table full of small (sometimes as many as 20) dishes with everything from rice to peanuts to coconut to katsup, etc. and mix and match. Everything tastes great!

          1. My two amsterdam things would be falafel - not sure why but the best I've had was from a place in amstersam city centre. the other would be to try the Indonesian out there. I went to Amsterdam with a university course and we did some work in and around the Ajax stadium.There is a housing estate next door that is not for the weak hearted but I found two or three excellent meals out there. Another trip took us to an island (sorry it was a few years ago and names escape me) a short fery ride away (maybe 5 minutes or so) anyway there I enjoyed the spiciest potato dish I've ever come across - it was so good! Again that was from an Inonesian cafe on the island.