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Apr 8, 2007 11:13 AM

Crabs in Washington

Not the people. the food
Was there many years ago and had memorable feast with hammers hitting ondelicious crabs.
Will be there in May
Any suggestions???

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  1. The Bethsda Crab House and Obrecki's in Baltimore are the best in that area for Md style large crabs. The crabs are coming in from Texas and Lousiana so you will have crabs. I lived in the DC area for 11 years and found the best crabs. If you were to ask me where are the best crabs in NY City, well then...most anyone.

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    1. re: jbkinn

      Cute. very cute
      Thanks for the suggestion

      1. re: marilynarona

        For carry-out crabs by the bushel I recommend Frank's next to the seafood wholesale market in Jessup, Howard county.

      2. re: jbkinn

        Obrycki's (note correct spelling) has good crabs, but it would be a stretch to say that they're the sole best in Baltimore. Their black pepper based seasoning is different (I won't say better or worse) than the more common Old Bay/cayenne pepper based seasoning.

        All of this is rather beside the point, though, if you're looking for crabs in D.C. rather than in Baltimore.

      3. Also Quarterdeck in Arlington has such a thing- not a real crab fest, but a bar with large crabs and whatnot.

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        1. re: jpschust

          I think it was Quarterdeck I went to a few summers ago with my Mom...if its in Rosslyn then yes. I really liked it! We sat outside and had the all you can eat crabs...lots of fun and messy

          1. re: Elyssa

            It's near Arlington Cemetary- kind of Rosslyn-ish- not so easily metro accessable, but a nice long walk from the Rosslyn station on a pretty day.

            1. re: jpschust

              I would think the Quarterdeck is closer to the Court House metro station than Rosslyn, but it might be equidistant.

              1. re: pomme de terre

                It's only not because of how you have to cross over 50 to get there. On a map it's closer but there's no reasonable crossing over 50 to get there without going way out of your way.

                1. re: jpschust

                  It is kind of a haul from Court House, but you can cross Route 50 on foot by going down 15th Street, making a right on Rhodes Street, which crosses Rt. 50 and has a sidewalk. Once it crosses Rt. 50, it becomes Queen Street. You walk a block or two to 12th Street, and then make a left and the Quarterdeck is right there. You will probably smell it before you see it.

                  I used to live around the corner, and I made the walk every day. It's one of those longish walks can be either pleasant or annoying, depending on the weather.

        2. I second the Quarterdeck in Arlington. It's no frills, with well-spiced crabs and cold beer, which is everything a crab feast should be.

          I've also heard good reports about the Maine Avenue fishmarket in DC, but have no firsthand experience.

          1. I'll second Bethesda Crab house and third Quarterdeck. Can't go wrong with both.

            1. Slightly off topic, but if you have a little time to drive, I highly recommend heading out to Annapolis (45 mins from the west side of the beltway, less if you're already east) to go to Jimmy Cantler's. It's a great, low-key restaurant with picnic tables covered in brown paper, and crabs served by the dozen. Much better than any you can find in D.C. There's also Tim's Rivershore restaurant in Dumfries, VA. Not the best, but also not bad.

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                This is great. I am very happy all of you are sending me these suggestions Thanka