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breakfast SD/La Jolla

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Any good breakfast recs in the La Jolla/San Diego or Coronado areas? Some place that is nice and has good breakfast.

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    1. We really like pannikins, I've had lovely brekkie at the cottage, the view at brockton villa is great, and I really like the brunch at Azul on a sunday with that stunning view again!

      1. Breakfast in Coronado- Tartin (First and Orange).

        1. ISLAND TOWN! In Convoy.... good breakfast... it's inside an Asian Market... it's on Convoy and Engineer rd. Get the Korean BBQ lunch special... MmMMm! or UDON soup, or sushi... or pork/chicken cutlet, or sushi onigiri bowl, or gyo don bowl..

          1. if you want some place really nice... check out ROY's

            1. La Jolla, Love Harry's Coffee Shop, Pannikin, Brockton Villa, The Cottage, Terrace at La Valencia overlooking the cove, The Shores Restaurant, Top of Hotel La Jolla, Come on In Cafe and Bernini's....Jose's Courtroom for mexican breakfast.
              San Diego, Park House Eatery and Hash House a Go-Go
              Coronado, The Del or Clayton's..

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                Codys.. also for a nice breakfast the Lodge at Torrey pines in the grill..