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Apr 8, 2007 09:58 AM

looking for mail-order Japanese sour ume candy

Hi all--this candy is a classic Japanese treat. It's usually a round purple-red hard ball with a salty exterior and a jelly-like sweet/sour interior. They are designed to mimic the sour Japanese plum (ume), which they do surprisingly well. My teenagers love them, but we don't have any local resources. Any suggestions for reliable online/mail order resources?

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  1. Hi! I currently live in Japan and I too love these little plum, or ume candies!!! Since i will be moving back to the states soon I wanted to make sure i could find them online when i get home. I did find a website that carries one of the many brands of the candy. It is I don't know how reliable they are, all i know is that it's the same candy i buy from the 100 yen store. Good luck!

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      i've had great experiences with wholesale unlimited (aka to buy crackseed (chinese dried plums, etc.) and other hawaiian snacks, though that was a couple of years ago and it looks like they've grown since. in any case, their prices are very reasonable, same as how much you'd pay for the same items in hawaii.

      those ume candies sound yum. think i'll order me some of those too.