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Apr 8, 2007 09:36 AM

reno wine destination

Will be in Reno for a quick weekend and need rec's on where to sup. What's new and worth the effort? Would love a spot with a fresh and exciting wine list. Am tired of the usual Casino list......Rombauer, Ferrari-Carano, Silver Oak etc. Anyone know a thing of two about wine up there?

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  1. Best wine list top to bottom might be Ciao Reno on South Virginia Street. You can go to their Web site and see examples of their wine lists.

    Best restaurant with an affordable, decent wine list is Sezmu. But Sezmu is very popular, so make reservations yesterday. Also check out Fourth Street Bistro. LuLou's has great food, but if you like wine, avoid it. Plus corkage at LuLou's is $30.
    One place a local wine distributor recommended that I haven't tried yet is the Imperial Lounge at 150 N. Arlington Avenue. He described it as an eclectic offering.
    Rombauer rules in Reno and it's tough to get away from that style of wine.

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      I tried the Imperial Lounge. It's a pretty good wine selection. It's 12 whites and 12 reds available by the glass and by the bottle. They were picked out by the guy who owns the best wine store in town. They also serve food, but the choices are limited. Appetizers, pizza, some simple sandwiches. For Reno, the wine selection is unusually diverse. Note that I qualified that, "For Reno."