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Apr 8, 2007 09:31 AM

cheese plates in Seattle

Help. Where can I find the best cheese plates in Seattle. Am looking for the best presentation as well as selection.

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  1. 35th Street Bistro in Fremont has an amazing cheese board but it's limited to the cheeses they are offering that day. It's a beautiful presentation on a giant board with bread, sliced fruit, nuts, chocolate and gets envious looks from other diners.

    Smash wine bar in Wallingford and Bricco in Queen Anne both have a good assortment of cheese, but the presentation isn't as dramatic.

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      Good choices.

      Bricco's menu page (list of cheeses) is here:

      Smash Wine Bar & Bistro:

      35th Street Bistro doesn't list their cheese on the website but the menu looks great:

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        Seconded. 35th Street Bistro does an incredible job, and I am a bit of a cheese board freak. It's the best I've found in town.

        Also, the Sitting Room on lower Queen Anne does a nice cheese plate, and it's only $6 during happy hour.

      2. Personally, I don't care if the cheese course is cut tableside or any other such frou-frou foolishness - I'm more interested in the cheese and its accompaniments. My favorite cheese plate in town is at, of all places, the Virginia Inn. It's impeccably curated, and a steal at $8 (iirc). Obviously not a fancy setting, but like I said, it's about the cheese.

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          Are there actually places that still slice cheese tableside & push cheese carts around? I'm not aware of any in Seattle. Let's hope not. Another good source is The Cheese Cellar at Fisher Plaza. They have an amazing selection of cheese and supply to a few restaurants in the area. They'll certainly know where to go.

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              Oh, I still kinda like Brasa. So, Brasa gets a free pass. lol.

        2. I like Stumbing Goat's cheese plate, but it doesn't have a dramatic presentation like described below. It does come with some interesting items like grape must. They have a (tiny) bar if you just want wine and cheese.

          1. Le Pichet has nice cheese. Lark has good variety.

            1. I like Purple Cafe and Wine Bar cheese plates. You can mix and match and they even give wine suggestions. One of the best selections I've seen.

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                Here here to Purple. I love to get a "flight" of wine and match it with 3 cheeses of my choice. It comes with great flatbread and fig jam. The peppery cheese is excellent!