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Apr 8, 2007 09:21 AM

[DFW] Best Prime Rib in N. Dallas/Plano area?

My Grandfather is in town for his 94th birthday and he loves Prime Rib. He loves Lawry's, but he can have that back home in California. They're staying in Plano, but are willing to venture as far as Addison.

I'm not a big prime rib fan, so I'm at a loss. I was thinking Chamberlain's in Addison, but would love some feedback. A quiet, upscale atmosphere is a must.


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  1. Most will tell you Lawry's The Prime Rib restaurant off the Tollway....I, personally, like the Prime Rib at Houston's in Addison....

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    1. re: jinet12

      I've heard a lot about Houston's but never been. Would it be quiet and upscale enough for this?

      1. re: Webra1

        Houston's is a nice restaurant...low lighting etc. but Lawry's would probably be more "upscale" if that is a priority....They actually carve the prime rib at your table and it is indeed more formal....Many people love it...I went for lunch one time, and was just not that impressed...Many swear by it though...

    2. Steve Fields on Park & Preston has reasonably good Prime Rib and is an old world style steak house. They have a prime rib special on Sunday nights for $20 which is about the most reasonable you can find anywhere.

      1. Hmm. My father just mentioned that my grandfather was asking about the Old Warsaw. Last I saw, the reviews weren't that great.

        Here's what I'm looking at so far...

        - Chamberlain's
        - Jasper's
        - Kirby's
        - Stone Trail
        - Mignon (is it too hip?)
        - Steve Fields (although worried it might be too loud and dark)
        - Arthur's (might be too dark)

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          Of those Kirby's might be best if you want to stay local to Plano. Japsers and Mignon are going to both be a little more loud and "hip" Chamberlains is quite good but overall probably a little more busy and noisy than Kirby's or Steve Fields for that matter.

          1. re: Webra1

            Steve Fields dining room isnt loud. The bar...probably, for your occasion.

            1. re: sl1

              My father became very interested in trying Steve Field's for the birthday dinner when he found out it's down the street from him.

              I called to make a reservation and they were extremely helpful and accommodating. We'll be in a table far from the bar and I was assured that all the waiters carry flashlights if my grandfather needs help seeing the menu in the dark.

              I'll report back on the meal!

              1. re: Webra1

                OK, you are probably set for the prime rib dinner, but I wanted to respond to an earlier post about the Old Warsaw. Absolutely not where I would go for prime rib, they don't have it, but it is my favorite restaurant in Dallas. We go there for many of our special occaisions and the service is out of this world as is the atmosphere and the food. Just had to correct any reviews you have seen. I could just fall asleep in the soft leather booths if there was not so much good food in front of me!

            2. re: Webra1

              I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Old Warsaw... NO they do not have the traditional; prime rib... BUT... I would not go there for that... Go Lawry's for that... BUT I have to say the service and food quality at Old Warsaw is 5 5 5 5 STAR all the way!!! I went there recently for my hubby's b-day... It almost made me cry... CRY because I NEVER NEVER get this old style service ANYWHERE these days. Dining is usually such a disappointment. but The Old Warsaw is a delight in QUALITY service as well as 5 star food prep!!! I AM SOOO disappointed these days with the lack of class in dining establishments... The old Warsaw is TOP NOTCH!!!

            3. Have you considered Bob's? My favorite place for steak and I there is one in Plano (although I have only been to the Lemmon location). The Lemmon location is very...manly. Not too loud, lots of oak, big comfy chairs, and of course, the big carrot.