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Burton's Grill???

This restaurant has recently opened in the Fenway on Boylston St. across from Shaw's in the new Trilogy building. Accoding to the web, there are also outposts in Hingham, North Andover, and an eastern suburb of Hartford. Anyone been there? Any reviews?

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  1. Some relatives of mine with normally Chowish instincts went recently as a fallback (they didn't know Trattoria Toscana is closed on Sundays), and characterized it as a typical corporate-feeling, casual-dining chain outlet that seems to specialize in steak, an exceedingly mediocre place. They were even more upset when I pointed out the number of far more interesting alternatives within a couple of blocks.

    1. I have chowhound friends that love a great steak dinner and they loved it, but keep in mind they were dining in N. Andover and not making the hike into Boston where Morton's, Chris's, etc. are among the choices.

      1. Burton's is an overpriced mediocre restaurant. I've given the Hingham location 3 tries and they're out. Not that the food is bad, but there is nothing special about anything on the menu. Bland food with uninspired culinary concepts. At best its a training ground for diner chefs looking to open a hot dog stand by the side of Rte 128

        1. eh, been to the no.andover one a coupla times. decent food, but a little pricey for the feel of the place. horrendous bartending. if you want a real martini and not some pink or green thing, look elsewhere.

          1. Burton's does a decent job with fish, burgers and salads. Long wine list with a lot of good choices by the glass. Good place for lunch in Hingham, but I agree, a little pricey. I've not had any bad food there, but not a show stopper. Comfortable but simple atmosphere. Oh, by the way, they do a hugh business.

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              I agree with CocoDan's review of the Hingham Burton's. It is a decent place to grab lunch if I am at the Derby Street shops with a few people and we want sit down burgers/sandwiches. It is nothing to rave about and you won't be declaring it the "Best burger ever!!" but it won't be the worst you've ever had either. My husband was unimpressed the one time he had a steak there. The cocktails can be a little too cutesy since they stick candy into some of them (like a gummi bear in one type of 'martini' and a lollipop in another). I have never had a complaint about the salads or sandwiches that I got there, but again, nothing I specifically crave or seek out.

            2. I love the Burtons Grill in Hingham. The wife and I go out once or twice a week and after moving to the south shore I tried many different places and finally Burtons. I like the Capital Grill but I think Burtons does a filet that is a close tie and at the end if the dinner my bill is not $285. The menu changes with the seasons and the wine list is good. I just can't say how much I like Burtons. I'm very picky and I have yet to find a steakhouse south of Boston that does as good a job. Sorry scarlet, Burtons wins!

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                It's an over priced 99, wouldn't waste my time.

              2. I completely agree with the other psoters. I have eaten at the Fenway location - completely unremarkable. It wasn't bad, just boring. Really, really boring. There are too many great steak places in Boston to choose insteak of this one.

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                  I'll send the *negative* responses. Been there a couple times for lunch and absolutely nothing memorable occured other than the big tab. There are many other places in the Fenway area for better tasting food at lower prices. Trattoria Toscana (dinner only) and Audubon Circle just to name 2.