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Apr 8, 2007 08:01 AM

Chinese on Queen Street East

I am looking for a good Chinese (mandarin) restaurant on Queen St E. Someone mentioned The Wokker to me a while back - has anyone tried the food there?
Thanks ya'll,

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  1. I've eaten at the Wokker and it was just okay, nothing particularly great. I'm not too sure what you mean by Mandarin style. I really like Seabreeze on Queen over by Greenwood, although I suspect it's Cantonese. It has the usuall chicken ball, fried rice items, but they have more traditional chinese dishes which are great. Keep in mind that it is a neighbourhood kind of place and I'm certainly not comparing it to some of the better known restos. But is certainly a great alternative when you don't feel like hassling for parking on Spadina or driving to Markham!!

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      A lot of people here seem to hate Seabreeze, but I'm a fan, too. They're consistently pretty good, and they don't seem to cheap out like other Chinese restaurants do: you get a good portion of meat with each dish and a nice assortment of veggies instead of a huge heap of green peppers and onions. Their chicken wings are superb, and the quantity you get for the price is great.

    2. The Wokker has edible (though not great) food. I don't like Seabreeze at all. Neither is mandarin and neither makes any northern style dishes remotely well.

      The "Szechuan" place at Broadview and Gerrard is neither Szechuan nor decent. The Beijing house on Gerrard has become very inconsistent.

      In short, you are out of luck in this part of town.

      1. There is one place I know of that has been consistantly good in the world of Chinese food. I've never had a meal there I haven't enjoyed. It is not on Queen East though. But, they do deliver and are in the east end.
        I can't recall the address off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure they are somewhere near Pape. The name of the place is RED ROSE. They do Chinese food in general, I can't remember specific styles though.

        If I remember tonight, I'll get the phone off the flyer and post it. But, do not rely on my memory.

        1. Ka Ka Lucky on Broadview at Gerrard is pretty good.

          1. Not an original idea, but I can think of one in the heart of the Beaches - The Goof, real name, Garden Gate Restaurant. I haven't been there for quite awhile, and by most reports I've heard and read the food is only so-so. But at least it's located in the area you mentioned - and you can check out the big neon sign over the door responsible for its nickname, when some years ago a couple of d's and o's burned out in the words "good food".

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              As much as I want to support a local restaurant....I really don't think the Goof is a good bet for food in general, Chinese or Western. And I say this as a Chinese-Canadian who grew up in the back kitchens of several Chinese/Western diners. The food is seriously bad here whether it's greasy spoon breakfasts, or any Chinese dish offering.

              I know it's popular and kid-friendly (and I take my two year old there occasionally), but please don't go out of your way to visit the Goof for Chinese food. It's a neighbourhood place of convenience. The chinese food here makes Ho-Lee Chow a gastronomic feast.