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Apr 8, 2007 07:17 AM

Best not-necessarily-authentic sushi, UES?

So sue me, I like "crazy" sushi -- interesting maki combinations, weird sauces, and all. Most of the sushi posts I've seen here are about the more authentic sushi, which I do enjoy, but my heart belongs to crazy maki.

Now that I've outed myself as a sushi Philistine, where can I go to get my fix on the Upper East Side? I'm leaving my beloved borough of Brooklyn (where I've been a devotee of Osaka and Cube 63 for a while) for the east '80s and I'm hoping I can find rolls there that I like as much as the ones I get here in Brooklyn.

Atmosphere totally irrelevant. To me it's all about the food.

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  1. I'm not a crazy sushi person. But you might as well give Yuka a try. They might not have super crazy rolls, but they've got an all you can eat special for about $20. It's pretty good for what it is. Go early, it gets packed. When you're in the mood for good sushi and sashimi, try Inase.

    1557 2nd Ave bet 80th and 81st

    1586 1st Ave bet 82nd and 83rd

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