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Apr 8, 2007 07:15 AM

breakfast (NOT BRUNCH), UWS

Need help with a couple of things. We are staying at the Lucerne (W 79th) over a weekend next month, and are looking for a place where we can have a simple, light Saturday morning breakfast (bready things for me, fresh fruit & yogurt for hubby, and decent coffee) without having to wait half an hour.
Later in the day, we will probably meet up at the hotel with the in-laws. Again, looking for lunch (not brunch) within walking distance for two fit but older folks, nothing too spicy, crowded, or loud. (We will probably do Sunday brunch at Nice Matin so no need to go there twice.)
Thanks in advance!

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  1. For simple breakfast, Le Pain Quotidien

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      agreed. and if you don't make it for breakfast, this would fit your lunch need as well. - 84th/amsterdam

    2. I have always liked Isabella's on 77th and Columbus for lunch. They have everything on the menu from soup to pastas to salads to sandwiches to omelettes. A decent wine list, if you like to indulge. Very open and airy, a fave on the UWS. Nice people watching and a cool vibe.

      Next month will be warmer so you can either sit outside or by the windows, if it is available. Make a ressie, not sure if you can request a table outside or by the window but you can try. It is still nice and open and bright even if you are not by the windows.

      1. You can go to the Manhattan Diner on B'way and 79th.

        I know you specifically said no brunch, but the one at Nice Matin is really lunchy - they have all sorts of sandwiches, soups, salads, even steak frites. And the bread basket is awesome.

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          good enough to eat is your answer. 83/amsterdam. fresh breakfast with all over your specs in a cute country/vermont-like setting. they have been at it for a long time and still get it right. you may wait on line, but it's worth it.....

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            Not that I'm recommending it, but Manhattan Diner is 77th and Broadway.

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              if generic diner brekfast is what u want the Viand coffee shop next to the Beacon Theatre Bway @ 74th will suffice. I've come to grudgingly appreciate the Fairway Cafe for breakfast/lunch. no atmosphere to speak of but the eggs and oatmeal are good. it's upstairs from the grocery store Bway @ 75th. IMHO Nice Matin is a rip-off.

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                disagre regarding nice matin. i always protect this place b/c the food is just plain good!

                1. re: jsmitty

                  Oh I liked the food there (dinner menu) esp the "sole milanese" but some of the servings were just too skimpy and I'm no trencherman. and the wine by the glass, forget about it, a few oz for $12-$15. so we stopped going.

          2. You're practically next door to the best possible spot for a simple breakfast in that area. Go to Columbus Bakery on Columbus between 82nd and 83rd. They have excellent breakfast and coffee. Lots of first rate breads and pastries, and additionally they have great fruit and yogurts. You can also head back here for lunch, the salads and sandwiches and gourmet pizzas are fantastic.

            If you're looking for something to perhaps have in your room, not dine in, there's an excellent deli a few blocks north of there, it's on Columbus between 85th and 86th, it's right next door to a strange little second hand book seller. It looks like a generic UWS deli, but the sandwiches are much better than average, and they have really good fresh fruit and yogurt items.

            Someone recommended Isabella's earlier, and I agree with that idea also.

            1. I'd skip Fairway Cafe because it is a bit too noisy, and the food is really average at best. Also, Good Enough to Eat, while tasty, will have a line. And you will wait at least 30 minutes for a 4-top. And it will be crowded. Columbus Bakery is also pretty blah, to yech. I've noticed a steady, terrible decline in the quality since they opened the little hot bar area. I'd skip all these, plus any diner recommendations you might get because none are worth eating at if you are on vacation.

              I've done a meal with the in-laws at Nice Matin and it is ok. Not memorable, not a great price and the food is fine. It's quiet and you can make a reservation so that should be okay.

              Maybe for a breakfast/snack for you and your husband, you should try Levain Bakery on West 74th off Amsterdam. Waaaaay better than Columbus Bakery and a little less busy than Le Pain Quotidien (at 84 and Amsterdam - LPQ is a national chain). I seem to recall actually seeing a yogurt cup there once, but everyone goes for the breads and cookies, and they have coffee.

              For lunch, Isabellas is a good choice. Ocean Grill, across the street from Isabellas is also a fairly nice parent-approved spot and is owned by the same restaurant group as Isabellas. I'm also a fan of the Neptune Room btwn. 84/85 on Amsterdam and I actually recommend that over Nice Matin for brunch, or lunch. And I just saw that Celeste (also 84/85 on Amsterdam) is doing a brunch and lunch now on weekends, tho I have not tried it yet. Celeste is an Italian, cash-only, no-resy place and for me, and many other people on this board, a solid dinner spot.

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                While I love Celeste, OP doesn't want crowded or loud - Celeste is most definitely both.

                1. re: harrison

                  I can guarantee you - Celeste has totally not been busy for lunch and brunch the last two weekends. Dinner is another thing, yes of course it is busy, but I don't think too many people know yet about the brunch/lunch menu at Celeste.

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                  westrite this is a good post. accurate. although i think good enought to eat is worth the wait.

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                    I was also going to recommend Levain but it is so tiny...not sure if they wanted a comfortable yet simple sit down place. BTW: their brioche stick is "to die for"! :-) so are their oatmeal raisin cookies. Not a chocolate fan so cannot speak of those items but I would assume just as great.