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Apr 8, 2007 07:00 AM

Italian Food Stores - NJ

I am a fairly recent italian-american transplant to near Summit NJ and where I grew up on L.I., there are a lot of what we called "pork stores" which basically were italian-american markets. I know there are some of these up in Bergen but does anyone know of any decent ones (or any at all?) closer to the Summit area?? I'm tired of having to pack a cooler of food every time I come back from visiting my parents...Many thanks.

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  1. There is of course, Jerry's in Englewood-
    many shops along Ridge Road in North Arlington and Lyndhurst

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    1. re: jpr54_1

      i totally second Jerry''s a total blast with great cheeses, hard to find Italian products and the ultimate in free-sample handouts including wine tastings on saturdays

      1. re: sixelagogo

        Thanks - Englewood isn't too close but I'll try to make the hike one Saturday!

    2. Esposito's in East Hanover is a wonderful Italian market, fairly priced, and populated by some of the nicest people I've ever met in the food business. If you go through Florham Park, you can be there in a few minutes. Great bread, great cheese, excellent butcher shop, and fantastic subs.

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      1. re: rruben1

        This is a great tip. East Hanover is only about 15 - 20 mins (depending on where in E.H.) from here if you go through Florham Park or Livingston. I'll look it up. Thanks so much!

        1. re: rruben1

          Thanks - I just looked this up and I know exactly where it is - I just never knew it was there!!

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            Esposito's is the best. My dad went to high school with the owner so we go there all the time for our Italian goods. In fact, we were just there on Friday to get stuff for Easter! I love that place and they have everything!

            1. re: NiKoLe1625

              We go up to East Hanover pretty frequently, so we're definitely going to make a stop at Esposito's next time we're there.

          2. I second Esposito's, it's very good. The reality is though, that most of the supermarkets in the area have everything you could possibly want. The Shop-Rite in West Orange has an incredible array of Italian products, just not the corner store feel.

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            1. re: bropaul

              I'll try Esposito's. We have found the supermarkets very disappointing in this department. Maybe they carry different things in West Orange, but the stuff we're looking for usually is only carried in a specialty store, and it's definitely not in the supermarkets around here. :(

            2. Essex county has many of these markets: A & S Pork Store in Nutley, and in Montclair there is Bellgiovese, Rosario's Italian market, (his mozzarella makes you cry - they ask you first when you will be eating it before they decide how much to sell you because you shouldn't ever refrigerate it when it's fresh and they want you to eat it that day!!), and Joe Bartoni's italian market. I'm sure that there are a bunch in Bloomfield and Belleville as well.

              It's only about 20 minutes from Summit.

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              1. re: Felixnot

                Thank you, thank you, thank you!! There is an A&S Pork Store where I grew up and, assuming it's basically the same thing, that is exactly what I am looking for!

                1. re: food_for_thought

                  Barth's Meat Market 3 minutes from you in New Providence was known for the longest time as Barth's Pork Store until it's recent rebranding. They still carry the same Italian food items.

                  1. re: cris8

                    Less than 3 minutes actually, but it's more German/East European...still great, and we go there a lot, but not exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks though!

                    1. re: food_for_thought

                      Have you tried Antonio's Mozzarella Factory in nearby Springfield? Might be worth checking out.

                      1. re: cris8

                        Haven't tried it but Springfield is so close, I will check it out.

                  2. re: food_for_thought

                    A & S has amazing sausages and they make an incredible stuffed pork roast. I think they also supply sausages to a lot of the local restaurants.

                    1. re: Felixnot

                      I googled it, and it's not terribly close - the place in East Hanover is closer, but I have to go check it out....I hope it's like the one I'm thinking of. Do you know if they sell fresh pasta/ravioli/manicotti?

                      1. re: food_for_thought

                        They make their own ravioli, manicotti, and agnolotti. They also will be very helpful with ricotta, fresh mozzarella, and hard cheese.

                2. Mia Famiglia in Millburn. Manny has fresh sausage on Wednesdays because the pork bellies come in on Tuesday nights. I've had his fresh mozzarella and the mozzarella from Antonio's Mozzarella Factory and definitely prefer his.

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                  1. re: Scrambled

                    mmmmm...may have to check this out tomorrow. thanks for the tip.

                    1. re: Scrambled

                      I second Mia Famiglia. The sandwiches are great & they have a very good "grocery" section so you can make your own meals. I worked in Millburn for a few months & went there at least 3 times a week. The worst part is they close at 5:00, so I could never make it there to bring food home.