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Apr 8, 2007 05:52 AM

Hunan L'Rose - Mmmm, Thanks Chowhounders!

I took my boyfriend to Hunan L'Rose in Odenton for his birthday dinner last night. Everything was so good! I got the pan fried combo noodles and my boyfriend got General Tso's and Beef Fried Rice. I liked that that had hot tea waiting for you on the table before you sat down and that they gave you the hot towel and a little palate cleanser of sherbert with your fortune cookie for dessert. I thought that place was priced surprisingly! Our total only came to like $38. I was expecting it to be more. We'll definitely be going back there as we're always looking for good chinese food and friendly service.

The lady next to me got the chicken and asparagus which looked really good. I was surprised to see some lamb dishes on their menu. Most chinese places don't have that.

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  1. I discovered Hunan L. Rose a few years ago on a whim and I've loved it ever since. I live in Baltimore, but I will drive down there with friends and family--that's how good it is. I even get carry out and take it back to Baltimore--it's worth the 30 minute drive to and from. People think I'm crazy, but as you experienced it's truly great.

    I strongly recommend getting a dish that's not even on the menu. The General Tsos Shrimp is simply delicious! I get it practically every time I go and when I don't, I'm always hungry for it afterwards. It's not as spicy as General Tsos Chicken or Sesame Chicken, and the sauce has more of a sweet honey taste. The best part is the shrimp are plump, fat, fresh, and always cooked perfectly.

    Glad you had such a great time!

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      The dish that I got had shrimp in it and they were huge!!

      I told my boyfriend that I think I found our new Chinese restaurant even for take out! He looked at me like I was nuts because it's about 20 minutes away from where we live in Pasadena. I said, "I don't care! I haven't found quality chinese food like that since Hunan Annapolis closed!" I loved that place and the hot towels and palate cleanser at the end of last night's dinner was reminiscent of that to me.

      ETA: I also was happy to find this place because I feel like good quality sit-down Chinese restaurants are hard to find these days. Espcially now with the popularization of the Chinese buffets that has come about in the last few years.

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        Speaking of Hunan Annapolis has anyone been to the East-West Bistro that took over it's location?