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Apr 8, 2007 02:27 AM

Feijoada recs in SGV/Pasadena/Downtown L.A.

Just got back from a trip to Rio and I already miss the Brazilian food.

Any recommendations for Brazilian restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley or Pasadena area that prepare great feijoada? Downtown L.A. is also okay, although I'd prefer Pasadena or other parts of the San Gabriel Valley.

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    1. taste of brazil (4840 huntington drive in el sereno) has fantastic feijoada -- dense, savory, and hearty, best consumed slowly on a lazy afternoon with friends. their other menu items are well worth trying too.

      jonathan gold describes the dish thus:

      "Feijoada, South America’s cassoulet, is the improbable national dish of Brazil — a bowl of black beans and various gelatin-rich animal parts with the ability to glue your lips together at the distance of 10 paces and the approximate molecular density of lead. You’ve seen those cross-section displays of La Brea Tar Pit excavations, cores of asphalty goo that support incredible matrices of tiger skulls and mouse skeletons and mammoth femurs. A proper feijoada looks a little like that. If you saw a rogue feijoada in the middle of your lawn, you’d call 911, and a hazmat team would be at your door within minutes."

      1. Nothing that I know of in SGV (or Pasadena or even downtown). Two places that I've had it were all on the westside.

        Cafe Brasil (weekends only) and Zabumba. Neither place makes the stew as smoky as what you'll get in Brazil, but here in the States it'll probably have to do.

        Cafe Brasil
        10831 Venice Blvd.
        Los Angeles (Palms area)
        (310) 837-8957

        10714 Venice Blvd
        Los Angeles
        (310) 841-6525

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          Cafe Brasil recently opened up another location on Washington in Culver City as well...
          11736 Washington Blvd, Culver City, 90230

          I believe J. Gold gave it a review recently...

          1. re: bulavinaka

            Haven't been there yet, but I saw a lot of cars last night at Taste of Brazil Restaurant.4838 Huntington Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90032. Anyone try it yet?

            1. re: TastELA

              This Taste of Brazil place sounds interesting. That address is in the El Sereno area, which is just west of Alhambra or so. I've already been to Zabumba, and I'd prefer to stay local, so I'll likely be trying out Taste of Brazil instead of Cafe Brasil.

              In fact, I just did a Google search and came up with Jonathan Gold's review from a year ago:


              Sounds pretty good. I'll try to check it out sometime this week for dinner.