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Apr 8, 2007 12:29 AM

Help with Liege, Belgium?


My bf is going to stay in Liege, Belgium for a few months for work. He is likely to stay in the city center and work near the Sart Tilman area. Any recommendations for:
- simple eateries for a single diner (nothing too expensive/fancy, just for daily meals since he doesn't cook much)
- american food, e.g. burger places
- asian food
- grocery stores, preferably with some american goods (and english-speaking)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am worrying my heart out since I've always the one who takes care of the meals and grocery shopping...

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  1. Trust me, he won't have any problems finding good food anywhere in Belgium. It's my favorite food country. White asparagus, smoked ham (jambon), etc., are readily availably in little cafes all over the place. The best Asian food I ever had was a Kampuchean restaurant in Leuven! Almost every Belgian speaks a little English - it's a UN HQ city and anyone in the food/restaurant business speaks at least 5 languages. The beer is unbelievably varied and great - most places have beer menus starting with almost no alcohol childrens' beers to aperitif beers to abbey beers that will knock the socks off you! Grocery stores are around but it's pure joy shopping at little individual shops - bakeries, cheese stores, green grocers, butchers, etc. The hardest thing for me was the difference in weights and measures. I stupidly ordered 2 kg of jambon in a butcher shop without realizing how much that really was. In any event, it eventually got eaten. I'm sure he'll find the ubiquitous McD's and BKs but why bother when great fresh food is available!