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Apr 8, 2007 12:11 AM

dessert bar in balto 4 an nyc-er

looking for a place in baltimore city to celebrate my sugar/chocoholic sis getting married. want to know if you guys have any dessert restaurants- serving only desserts, a la chikalicious or room 4 dessert if you know nyc dining- or a great little place that will take about 10 of us for dessert only. any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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  1. I would reccomend Vaccaros in Little Italy.....Home Made Gelato and all home made Italian pastries,,,fabulous cookies too
    There used to be this awesome home made ice cream place in Owings Mills......but I sold it 15 years ago!!

    1. I second the Vaccaros recommendation. It's not very large, so 10 of you will be tight, but it's worth it. Practically all of their desserts are homemade and somebody must get the cannoli and the tiramasu. Those are my two favorite.

      If you're looking for a place in Baltimore, but not downtown per se, you may want to try two locations in Cross Keys, which is an apartment/condo complex in North Baltimore, just a short drive from downtown. One is called Truffles and Tea and the other is called Chocolatea. Both serve desserts and tea--really great combinations. Here the Baltimore Sun review of both, in case you're interested.

      1. I lived in NYC for many years before moving moving to Baltimore last summer, so I know those dessert restaurants you're talking about (BTW - have you tried that soy place on the west side? They were reviewed in the NY Times a while back and got a rave).

        There is nothing like Chikalicious or room 4 dessert in Bmore. Vaccaro's is yummy, but it's just like Veniero's (allthough Veniero's is nicer, and I think their sweets are better, too). You walk in and there's a counter, and there's also someone who will seat you at one of the 15 or so tables. The decor leaves a bit to be desired (as I said, Veniero's is nicer), but the cannoli, etc, are yummy. I think it's slightly pricer than Veniero's, too.

        All in all, Vaccaro's is your best bet.