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Apr 7, 2007 09:38 PM

Where to buy pomegranate seeds/sauce?

This was a highlight of our trip to Barrio. It was mixed into the guac and some other dishes. Can one buy it like other ready fruit?

More specifically, can one buy the fruit/seeds without the plant? I have no room to plant, otherwise this would be a great choice.


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  1. Trader Joe's carries pomegranate seeds. They're packaged like blueberries and sit next to them on the same shelf.

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      Giado's World Market, Dobson/Guadalupe, also has, along w/pomegranate syrup, molasses, etc. I think LeeLee's does, too.

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        I was at the Town and Country TJ's earlier today and did not see the pomegranate seeds in the usual place. They may be out of stock. Items tend to come and go at TJ's.

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          They are just so dan expensive: for a little plastic 5.3 oz it's $4.29. I am SOOO addicted to these, that I end up buying, anywhere from 12-15 at a time, becuz, they r so small. I mean, I have actually paid over $65.00 - to Amazon I go. My daughter just cannot believe that I spend such amount of $$$$ for this. I don't blame her!!

        2. TJ's also carries pomegranate syrup, which according to the label is just reduced pom juice--look in the oil & vinegar section. Also, I know I've seen big bottles of pom syrup and juice in Middle Eastern groceries (e.g., Haji Baba in Tempe) in the past.

          1. i see it alot at phx ranch market in the produce section :)

            1. Do you have Costco in your area? I've seen pomegranate seeds sold in bulk at Costco in Southern California.

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                OMG - will go go to look. Thanxs much ***

              2. I've bought seeds at both Trader Joe's and Costco. I've been happier with the Costco ones, the Trader Joe's once seemed to go bad quicker. Don't know if either is carrying them right now? Usually more of a winter item.

                I've seen the whole fruit at Giado's as mentioned...never just the seeds though? Haven't been in for a few weeks so don't know if he has them right now(but when date season arrives come back for a visit - he always has the best Medjools for sale up at the counter! )

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                  Oh, Medjools! They could be the perfect fruit.

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                    TJ's didn't have them in stock this weekend.

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                      You might be hard pressed to find them fresh now...I think the season is over? It usually peaks around the holidays...