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Apr 7, 2007 08:58 PM

ramona's mexican food - gardena-ish

On Redondo Beach Blvd...a few blocks east of Flossies...there's a small minimall by the local JC there....small parkinglot...hard to find a parking spot.....ramona's mexican food.....think tito-esque gringo chile or green chile burritos......hard shelled tacos (not the same as titos)....taquitos with guacamole was surprisingly really places to sit down and eat there go in the same cardboard boxes as titos....cafeteria-assembly was pretty good...filled a need for grease..for sure. inexpensive, they seem to do a lot of "bulk orders"...but think titos quality so if you don't like probably won't like this place

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  1. The Ramona Factory is on Western or Crenshaw and 137th, same set up. I love the chili Relleno burrito. all the stuff is good.

    1. That's El Camino College, And yes they have The BEST Cheap Mexi-ameri Food..... The Same stuff you buy frozen at 7-11 except made up Fresh.... I like the Beef enchilida dinners, Green Chili & Beef dinner or Burrito, the potato & Beef burrito except it can be GREASY!!!!!!!!!! I mean GGGGGGrrrrEEEAsssssssYYY!!!! i usualy go to the one DEEP in the Hood on San pedro Between Gage & Uh sorry can't think of the other street at the moment.... Enjoy!