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Apr 7, 2007 08:18 PM


Hi. Any discernable differences between the new and old spaces? What shall we order? Any recent impressions? I saw alot in the search, but nothing recent... I am taking a friend. Is it anywhere close to Veritas. We sort use Veritas as the standard of excellence.

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  1. Did you ever go to Tocqueville in the old space? I haven't been since they moved, but from photos, it's obvious the new location is much larger, and the decor appears to be gussier than the previous extreme minimalism (which, btw, I always liked a lot and found quite soothing).

    I can't imagine the cuisine at the "new" Tocqueville is much different than what chef/owner Marco Moreira was serving at the old place. In fact, two signature dishes remain on the menu: the scallops with foie gras and the 60-second steak. We had one dinner there and several lunches. There were some sensational dishes (the scallops with foie gras was one), but a few that were a somewhat disappointing. Like you, I'm a huge fan of Veritas, and I've never had anything there that let me down. I've read mixed reports about the new Tocqueville which have kept me from rushing to try it. If you go, I hope you'll report back.

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      We had dinner at Tocqueville last night. We go quite regularly. We had an excellent meal.
      The new space is beautiful, although I did love the homey feeling of the old place.
      We started with Catskill forest mushroom risotto which had a fabulous flavor. My wife had the East & West Coast oysters on the half shell which are always great there.
      We ordered the Pekin Duck and Kobe Beef special for entrees. They also brought out a small portion of the Black Truffle roasted turbot. All dishes were prepared beautifully.
      For dessert, we had a black walnut & brown butter financier and a passion fruit panna cotta with armagnac raisin ice cream and poached pear.
      I would highly recommend that you try Tocqueville.
      The sommelier Denise is wonderful and will pair your meal with a wine from their exceptional wine list.
      The attitude is friendly from the ownership down to all the servers. Enjoy!

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        I go to Tocqueville quite often and have never been disappointed in my food. I think they have one of the best pastry chefs in Manhattan right now... Desserts always rock. Marco is "breaking in" a new chef de cuisine right now, so perhaps there may be a glitch or two as the new guy gets acclimated to Marco's way of doing things, but Marco is still, and always, in charge of what comes out of his kitchen.

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          great.. looks like after all we'll be heading to telepan.thanks i will use the info for future reference....

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            You'll like Tocqueville better than Telepan. Ate at Telepan last week and was disappointed. Just can't see why most people like Telepan as much as they do. It was just okay. Service good, nice space but the fare just did not represent the posts IMHO. Tocqueville is much classier in feel, food is more luscious and really a more "foodie" exerience.

    2. Just a reminder that, unless things have changed, the $24 lunch is a great deal. I havent gone to the new space but I've lost count of the number of times I've tried the old. Excellent food and Mr and Mrs Moreira are charming.