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Apr 7, 2007 08:07 PM

Last minute Easter brunch recs Long Beach - LAX

Hi Hounds,

I'm picking up my dad and family from the Long Beach Cruise Terminal and we'd like to have brunch before dropping them off at LAX for their flight. I'd say any recs in Long Beach, South Bay or by LAX would be fair game. I'm thinking I will be fairly famished by the time I get down to the LBC (we live in MDR), so I was thinking Lasher's.

Champagne brunch buffet or a la carte. Casual but good. Would probably like to stay in the $10-$30pp range.

Any suggestions?


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  1. The only place I can think of is the Potholder, but the food is only average (or okay), definitely not great. It gets very crowded. Also, I wouldn't want to take my parents there before they left LB. Hmmm, I wish I could think of something nicer. Is there a Marriott hotel anywhere on the way to LAX? That seems to me a nicer option for a brunch with the family. I believe there's a Marriott in downtown LA. They might do a good brunch. I've been to the Marriott brunch in Woodland Hills, and I always thought it was good.