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Apr 7, 2007 07:34 PM

New Vietnamese place?

Anyone heard of a place called Buu Buu on North Lamar near Rundberg? Just heard mention of it tonite and was wondering if anyone else had any impressions? I tried a search on Chowhound and nothing came up and googled it and found a partiall constructed website with not much info other than the location...

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  1. I drove by last night to check it out, but didn't stop in. It looked like it was phocused on pho. There was a sign that said "Everything under $2.99." That scared me!

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    1. re: rudeboy

      yeah - that would scare me too but also intrigue me as well...who's going to be brave enough to try it and report back??

      on another note, anyone been to/heard of Vivi Restaurant on E. Rundberg?

      1. re: kalex

        oops - just re-read a different thread that mentioned Vivi so i think that i need to put it on my must try list...

    2. Not new, been there for a few years. I recall eating there under a different name and not returning for some reason I can't recall.

      1. I'm working at a client site near both of these places. I'll try to get to them both shortly (i.e. by next week) and will report back.