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Apr 7, 2007 07:13 PM

Kings Mountain, NC

Our team will be in KM in about two weeks for a bbq contest and we were wondering whether there are any nice places in KM to eat.

Thanks. much.


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  1. I guess Kings Mountain does not have good places to eat at. Oh well.


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    1. re: RibDog

      Well, nearby actually does. Bridges Barbecue in Shelby (just off U.S. 74 before you get into Shelby) is great Carolina barbecue. The hush puppies are also great with just the right amount of onion.

      for more info:

    2. If you're looking for "nice" spots, your best bet is to look in Gastonia or Shelby.

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      1. re: Hushpuppy

        Any suggestions for Gastonia or Shelby?


        1. re: RibDog

          Since you're going to be cooking BBQ, I doubt that you will want to go to Bridges BBQ Lodge or Alston Bridges BBQ. For fine dining you might want to try 5 East, 5 East Marion Street, Shelby.
          Gastonia has all the popular chain places. Several decent "Fish Camps" and an old time ice cream/burger "institution" named Tony's (it's on Franklin, aka Hwy 74 Business).

          1. re: seabolt

            Actually, we might just try the BBQ. Kind of link to try new places. Also, do you have any suggestions on the fish camps. We always enjoy a fish camp.


            1. re: RibDog

              Bridges' Barbecue Lodge is usually really quite good. Request some outside brown when ordering. Alston Bridge's (not related) cooks their pork in electric ovens and finishes it on the old pits. I usually stick with Bridges' Barbecue Lodge. For fish camps, Twin Tops in Gastonia is hard to beat.

              1. re: Hushpuppy

                That sounds great. I really appreciate the help. If you stop by at the contest on April 21st, look me up. We will be cooking under the team name of FireHouseBBQ.


                1. re: RibDog

                  Hi, John-
                  I was born and raised in Kings Mountain, although I haven't lived there for a while, I can offer a few rec's.

                  Bridges is a must (Bridges barbecue lodge, AKA Red's). For great burgers, try R.O,'s in Gastonia (Take Hwy 321 exit off 85, go south, turn right onto Airline which becomes Gaston Ave., R.O.'s is on the right). Take home some of their slaw and eat it with Frito's.

                  Twin Tops is the best Gastonia fish camp. Take 85 to the New Hope Road exit, turn right. You'll go out quite a ways, and it will be on your right.

                  I don't know if it's still there, but Kiser's in downtown KM was a good 'Meat and three" place.

                  I was a judge at the very first KM cookoff. Is the fire Department still the sponsor?

                  1. re: gophereverette

                    Thanks very much. I love meat and threes. We don't get them down here in FL. The closest we ever get to one is a cafeteria and there aren't many of them left down here anymore.

                    Yes, the firehouse is still the organizer for the contest. This is our first time at the contest. It should be interesting as we cook under the name of FireHouseBBQ and this is the Firehouse BBQ Contest.


                    1. re: RibDog

                      When you get there, ask for Captain Bobby King. Tell him "Wahoo" said hey and said for him to tell you where the good food is. He'll hook you up. Good luck!

      2. When and where is this BBQ contest going to be? Online link????

        Don't miss Love's Fish Box in Kings Mountain - A local seafood restaurant with good fresh seafood.

        I do not know a BBQ place in KM - you have to drive to neighboring communities for that.


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          1. re: KingsMountainMan

            A third recc for Love's Fish Box carry-outand an enthusiastic one for Bridges Barbecue Lodge on the bypass in Shelby (worth the drive)--the other (often confused) Alston Bridges BBQ in downtown Shelby (Grover St?) isn't too shabby, either. Have been to Twin Tops in Gastonia twice and loved it also for fish.

          2. Talked to a buddy of mine I grew up with last night, who spent last week in KM taking care of his mom after she had a knee replaced. He reminded me about Love's Fish Box on West King street (business 74 headed towards Shelby). They have good salt and pepper catfish. Also, he says there's a sandwich shop in the same little shopping center with the fish box that has killer hot dogs. Wiener Works, across the street from the fish box has great burgers.

            1. I had the pleasure of living in Shelby, NC for all of 6 months...glad to say that I am back home in GA tho. When we lived there, we ate at Weiner Works ALL the time. Not only did my kids love it but my husband and I did too. It has great food and great prices for the amount of food you get. Try it, I promise you will be pleased!