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Apr 7, 2007 06:04 PM


So, just because I'm cool, I finally went to Sabor A Mexico yesterday- I live ten minutes away and have been meaning to go but didn't out of cheapness and general contrariness.

Usually I get burritos at Mexican joints but I was feeling pressure from this place's rep and adventurous so I ordered the huarache bistek, mexico city style, (6.44$ with tax) for the heck of it.

You know how when you go to a foreign country you wish that a particularly talented grandmother would take you by the hand and bring you to her home and make you really good local food? This meal was like that. There was something uniquely satisfying and nourishing about it. One of the owners, John, told me that everything is made on premises, from the cactus that came with my dish to the very good jalapenos with carrots, onions, and cauliflower at the salsa bar to the desserts- nothing canned.

The only bad thing was when, in a carnivorous frenzy, I accidentally took a bite out of the arm of a woman cleaning the table- wasn't bad, would've been better with a little mole.

This is a rare place where I want to eat through the whole menu eventually.

p.s.- Jonathan Gold, start looking for other work

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  1. I went last night too. To my immense disappointment the taco table wasn't set up on account of it being Good Friday. We ordered a couple of asada tacos and a couple of al pastor tacos, both excellent. I could eat a dozen of those tortillas. It would hurt, but I could do it.

    1. Human flesh, cardboard menus...clearly you'll eat anything.

      Still this sounds worth a try. Where is this place?

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        Check out this thread by Dommy! This place has been the rage in the Westside for raising the curve in Mexican cuisine.

        Haven't seen your posts for a while - nice to see you're back on the LA board...

        1. re: bulavinaka

          Thanks for the link and the compliment. We never truly leave I suppose...

      2. LOL! Glad you enjoyed it. Just like I mentioned in the Flor de Yucatan thread, these folks GET it. There is a soul in Mexican food that is so hard to capture, but when someone does, it's like a revelation.