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Apr 7, 2007 05:47 PM

Passasis del Pep and then, the rest...

What I mean is I think Passadis del Pep will be our splurge dinner, and I need cheaper rec's. So first - what can two people expect to pay at PdP?

I'm all prepared to go tapas bar-hopping and get jamon and queso at the market...but there MUST be some more chowhound gems in the lower budget range. Someone mentioned a place called El Cafeti - any comments?

Thanks for all help!

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  1. Don't worry, there are lots of great tapas places in BCN, and they are probably the best way to eat well for less. Plus, you aren't restricted to the somewhat rigid 10pm dinner hour in BCN. Look at Maribel's Guide to find places near where you will be.

    We ate very well for not too much at the places listed below. We also ate at Cal Pep, a fantastic meal, and spent about 100E for two, so I imagine PdP is a bit more.

    Ciudad Condal (Eixample, Rambla de Catalunya/Gran Via) good tapas; girgolas (grilled wild mushrooms), gambas

    Centre Cultural Euskal Etxea (Montcada, close to Picasso museum) Basque tapas, txacoli

    Taberna del Born (Born) tapas; solomillo was great, boquerones, etc

    El Vinya del Senyor (Born, in plaza by Santa Maria del Mar), great wines, French-style tapas (potatoes cooked in goose fat, foie gras on crackers, Marennes oysters


    Of course, dont miss late breakfast at Pinotxos in the Boqueria market on Las Ramblas...delicious food, get a glass of rosado or cava and an omelette with tiny fish, and whatever else you see people eating there.

    We weren't in BCN long enough to try the other, highly recommended food counters in La Boqueria. Be sure to go to Santa Caterina market east of the cathedral, too...I don't know if anyone serves food there but we got wonderful olive oils in a shop and it looks like a good place to buy food, being away from the tourist-choked Ramblas.

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      Thank you so much for this response. I will probably take every rec on here! And thanks for pointing me to maribel's guide - got my pension from there!