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Apr 7, 2007 05:27 PM

Absolute disaster at buffet Vichy

UnfortunateIy our easter family lunch happened today at the Vichy buffet on Jean Talon east. There were 8 adults and 6 kids in our group and we have elected this place "the most horrible buffet experience ever in Montreal" unanimously.

First the plates were not cleaned properly and they always seem to run out of them. The food selection was large but there were very few appealing ones. There was this chicken bone " ragout ", the undercooked fish and chips, unidentified meatballs with 2 different sauces (or maybe 2 batches!!!). Even the green jello was a 2 phase sorry thing.

My sister who organised the whole thing wanted to crawl under the table. I just hope nobody gets sick after this. I am not going to any buffet for another year, good or bad, just in case.

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  1. Poor you! I got dragged there by (adult) students once; I was teaching ESL near there. It is a rather dreadful place.

    I don't like buffets in general as I simply can't eat enough food to make them worthwhile, but that is a particularly dire one in terms of quality.

    Chicken bone ragoût? Sounds like they were making stock...

    1. Sounds gruesome. I've been to the Vichy in LaSalle a few times and it was OK - an order of magnitude better than what you described at the other location.


        I was a bit skeptical about going to Vichy's today (LaSalle location) , I ate at the one in Pointe Claire and was not that very impressed (largely cafateria food and now closed ). Today I got a plesent supprise the food was pretty darn good ! I I started with some sea food : fried shrimps, scallops , frogs leggs, onion rings with fried potatos all reasnablely warm, tender and crispy. My friends had the mussels which were well liked. Next I had some [BBQ ribs :surprisingly excellent , tender & jucy], chicken legs , potato and macaroni salads, chicken with broccoli salad, and tomato salad, all fresh and tasty. Next :eggrolls , not suprising they were lousy ( only the Chineese can do them right anyways ). I did not try the roasted meats or pizzas , save for next time. For desert I had flan ( quite good ), chcolate cake and ice cream all quite satisfactory. Although this is no fine food restraunt, the food in general was very good and well worth the $10.00 a plate. The friends who I was with all enjoyed their meals. They had a high turnover of costomers which kept the food fresh and hot. Beats the hell out of Mickey D's for Saturday night dinner.

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          My only experience with Vichy is from over 10 years ago when we checked out the lunch buffet in LaSalle. After my wife to be said "everything looks like dog food" we hightailed it out of there, never to return.