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Apr 7, 2007 04:53 PM

Amazing on a Tue. Night in May

Further to my inquiry about a 16 year old b day dinner in May, I still need help. I live out of the US and cannot make calls but need your help. We need a WONDERFUL fun and memorable 16 year old dinner on a Tue. night in May. Ocean House is closed. 902 Main is absurdly pricey (Mom and a friend dined there tonight with one wine, one soda NO apps, no dessert, two entress for 110.00 ).

The guests are out of towners from Europe so I really would love an oceanfront place or a Cape Coddy kind of experience. We are set for Ocean House Wed. night but...

I am at an impasse and need additional ideas. Thought about Abba and Roobar but not sure...not really Cape Coddy and certainly not on the water...


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  1. If you'd like folks to help out, stick the location in your title (preferably), or early on in your post. The only clue as to location we have in your post is "... or a Cape Coddy kind of experience" and "...not really Cape Coddy", which isn't outright stating where you're looking.

    1. With entrees topping out at $36 ( and starting at just $18) at 902 Main how the heck did they get to $110 for two? That must have been SOME glass of wine! Unfortunately, there are just not that many good waterfront restaurants here on the Cape. You could venture into PTown and try The Red Inn, although its pricing is apt to be close to that 902. The Chatham Bars Inn is a lovely room and the food is pretty good, but selection is quite limited and it's quite a bit more expensive than 902. Mattakees Wharf in Barnstable Harbor is a delightful location overlooking the harbor and Sandy Neck and the Great Marsh beyond, but the food is average at best. It does, however, have a much broader and less expensive menu than the others and the setting is really unmatched on the Cape. Wish I could help better than this.

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        The Ocean House would be great, but I can't help but wonder if that's the atmosphere a 16 year old is looking for. Why not take a ferry to the Vineyard and enjoy one of the more casul restaurants on the water in Edgartown. If you want something a little more upscale, the Mediterrean Restaurant in Vineyard Haven (BYOB) is a nice choice.

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          It is a nice idea but so pricey to park, ferry, taxi for one dinner at the Vineyard...we will do Ocean House for the 2nd night..

        2. re: CapeCodGuy

          I toyed with the idea of it open May 1?? I guess I can google it..the food is average but it is very Cape Cod..