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Hollywood Gelato on Hillhurst

Has anyone been recently? Is it, ok? good? great? or should I stick to Scoops on Heliotrope?

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  1. Haven't been, but Pazzo on Sunset in Silverlake is great.

    1. stick to Scoops (or Pazzo)-- you're missing nothing by not trying Hollywood Gelato.

      1. Went a few weeks ago, the service was very nice but the gelato was unimpressive. They're too close to Pazzo Gelato, which I think has the best gelato in LA, to consider instead of Pazzo. Unless they can match or improve on Pazzo's gelato I dont think they are going to make it.

        1. It's okay...but doesn't hold a candle to Scoops.

          1. it's just okay nothing special, and added to that the fact that it's called Hollywood Gelato in a neighborhood that isn't Hollywood, and where everyone who lives there knows it's not Hollywood, i would rather go to Pazzo Gelato, where the gelato is better, and they have their geography (cartography?) down...

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              geography, if it were cartography they would be making the maps that got you there. And if they made maps as good as their gelato you could find your way there with your eyes closed

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                They would be the Thomas Guide of gelato!

            2. I tried it out a few weeks ago and found the gelato to be pretty decent. However, the flavors were odd, though after a few samples I found one that was tasty. Service was not in the slightest bit winning, unfortunately. Given they are getting trounced by Pazzo (and agree they chose a weird name), I would think they'd try a bit harder. I have to note I go to Pazzo but don't think they make very good gelato. Every time I get one, after a few bites it feels too heavy to eat more. I took my sister and she had the same reaction. There's a place in my hometown that makes killer gelato, and the owners learned their craft in Italy. That's what I think Pazzo needs -- to figure out the craft of gelato making or something (when they first opened they had a book along the lines of "Gelato for Dummies" behind the counter, which made us chuckle). For example, the vanilla is so sweet it tastes like what you would think the flavor of a vanilla candle (minus the wax!) would be. Ick. It's a fun vibe but I'm surprised they get as much love as they do on this board.

              I am looking forward to trying Scoops, as I am a huge gelato/ice cream fan and searching for a place to get my fix near my house.

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                megan...your assessment of PAZZO is most correct. even chris weiss, on the of owners of PAZZO, admits that PAZZO is more representative of american gelato. i'm torn about this as i think they make great ice cream, but they may be misleading scores of people on what proper gelato is. but it's probably not as bad as what is happening all through italy in the making of gelato/sorbetto from powder and paste and not fresh fruit and ingredients.

                all the same, i love PAZZO GELATO. if you want REAL gelato, go to leo and elizabeth at BULGARINI in pasadena. they both studied with italian masters she speaks italian and he's from roma. www.bulgarinigelato.com

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                  Thanks for the tip! I actually prefer ice cream to gelato, but feel like Pazzo is something entirely different (maybe I just don't like American gelato too much - ?)

              2. It was okay, but nothing special. It seems like a "me too" type of place. I'd rather go the extra mile or so to Pazzo.