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Apr 7, 2007 04:32 PM

Sizzling Rice Soup

I'm a west coast girl -- born and then ripped away. I am forever looking for Chinese restaurants that carry sizzling rice soup -- with no luck. Does anyone know of any restaurants that offer this soup? It really is to die for.

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  1. Not soup, but on Rt 1 in Beltsville is Da Rae Won just North of Rt 212 is a Korean Chinese restaurant and we ahd their Sizzling Rice with seafood. I too grew up with Sizzling Rice Soup and this brought me back to my youth. It was superb! Not cheap, but gather together 6 or 8 folk because the serving is huge. Their specialty seems to be the chicken wings and mandoo as well as the hand pulled noodles. There is also a dish on the back page of the menu described as shredded ingredients with mustard sauce that is also pretty wonderful.

    1. I remember that as a kid when the only Chinese restaurants around here were in Chinatown. But now that you mention it, I haven't seen (or heard) it for many years. I never had it but it used to be quite popular. I wonder if it's one of those American Chinese inventions that's just gone out of style. I'll keep an eye and ear out for it.

      Used to be that whenever an order came out to a table, everyone would look up at the sound and cloud of steam. I guess if you want that now, you have to go to a TexMex place and wait for an order of fajitas to come out.

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        There is a Chinese restaurant in a strip mall in Olney (right next to the Shoppers Food Warehouse - Hunan Garden?) that has sizzling rice dishes. But I've never noticed sizzling rice soup.

      2. A quick Google search pulled up a place called Magic Gourd downtown.

        And another called China Gourmet.

        Yenching Palace used to carry it but I believe they are out of business.

        1. The Orient on York Rd in Towson, just north of Baltimore, has sizzling rice soup. It's quite good too.

          1. From a favorite restaurant, now gone, we were told the main secret was to use rice from the day before that had cooled totally in the refrigerator and just take chunks that were sticking together and at the table, they go into to the hot oil, and then the soup stock goes in.

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              This is all very helpful. I'll check them out -- and maybe even make my own.

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                I don't know where you are located but Hunan L'Rose in Odenton has sizzling rice soup and a couple of other sizzling rice dishes. They don't have an online menu but I could fax you a copy if you'd like! *LOL*